Life Insurance FAQ

What is the definition of a "child" in reference to Life Insurance?

Your natural child, adopted child (including a child from the date of placement with the adopting parents until the legal adoption), stepchild who resides with and is fully supported by you; or a child for whom you have a court order to provide coverage who resides with and is supported by you; and who, in each case, is: at least 14 days old, under age 18, unmarried and supported by you


under age 26 and who is: unmarried, supported by you; not employed on a full-time basis and a full-time student at an accredited school, college or university that is licensed in the jurisdiction where it is located. A person who, while enrolled as a full-time student: a. leaves school because of a medically necessary leave of absence and b. whose absence is certified in writing as necessary by a physician

What is the definition of a full-time student in reference to Life Insurance?

A full-time student is determined by the school the child attends. For example, UofL defines a full-time undergraduate student as a student taking 12 credit hours per semester. A full-time graduate student is defined as a student taking 9 credit hours per semester. The definition of a full-time graduate or undergraduate student may defer between universities, so you will need to defer to your child's school in order to determine if they are full time or not.

How do I update my beneficiaries in ULink?

1. Log into the ULink portal (you will need to complete the DUO Authentication)

2. Click "Employee Services"

3. Click "Benefits"

4. Click "Benefits Summary"

5. Click "Basic Life"

6. Click "Edit"

7. To update your beneficiaries, you will need to change the allocation box to the right of the beneficiary. If you no longer wish for an individual to be your beneficiary, you will need to type "0" in the allocation box and click "update totals," then click "save" (you cannot completely delete the names of previous beneficiaries in ULink)

8. To add a beneficiary, click "add beneficiary" and enter their information, including the allocation number

9. When finished, completely log out of ULink

*The same steps can be followed to update Basic AD&D and/or Additional Employee Life Insurance beneficiaries.

How long can a child with disabilities be covered under a life insurance plan?

Insurance for a Dependent Child may be continued past the age limit if the child is incapable of self-sustaining employment because of a mental or physical disability as defined by applicable law. Proof of such disability must be sent to us within 31 days after the date the Child attains the age limit and at reasonable intervals after such date.