Save Money by Visiting a UofL Primary Care Physician

UofL Physicians are recognized around the world for their expertise, their ground-breaking research, and their dedication to providing exceptional clinical care. They are also convenient and affordable. If you are covered under a UofL EPO or PPO health insurance plan, your copay will be waived for all primary care office visits. If you have coverage under a UofL PCA plan your office visit cost will be reduced.

You can visit the Centers for Primary Care at:
UofL Outpatient Care Center Downtown
401 E. Chestnut Street, Suite 370

Cardinal Station
Next to the baseball stadium on Central Avenue
215 Central Avenue, Suite 205

You can also receive the copay reduction benefit when you visit Family and Geriatric Medicine at:
1941 Bishop Lane, Suite 900

Cardinal Station
215 Central Avenue, Suite 100

Exceptional physicians, convenient locations and affordability: all excellent reasons to visit the UofL Health Care Centers for Primary Care or the Department of Family and Geriatric Medicine today!