Tuition Remission FAQs

I am an employee and want to take classes for myself. How do I make sure I get my tuition remission?

Once you register for classes, your tuition remission will be automatically applied within 3-4 weeks. You do not need to notify HR directly.

How do you know that I am enrolled in class and work at the university?

If you are an employee, your employee ID number will continue to be your student ID number as well. Business Operations receives a report showing enrolled, active employees. If the tuition remission is for a dependent, you must notify Business Operations via the Dependent Tuition Remission Form after your dependent has registered for classes their first semester.

Do I pay for tuition up front and then am reimbursed?

No. Your tuition remission will be applied to your account after you have registered for your classes. Tuition remission covers tuition only though, you will still have to pay for any applicable fees.

When will I see the tuition remission posted to my account?

You should see the tuition remission applied to your account within 3-4 weeks of registering for classes. If you do not, please contact Business Operations at 852-7549.

How do I receive tuition remission for my dependent?

Once your dependent has registered for classes for either their first semester (or the first semester they are eligible to receive tuition remission), you must submit the Dependent Tuition Remission Form.

If my dependent takes a semester off, do I need to resubmit the form?

No, you only need to submit the dependent form on their first semester. Even if they take a semester off, they will continue to receive their tuition remission once they enroll in classes again (as long as they remain under 144 hours).

For additional tuition remission questions, contact Business Operations at or call 502-852-7549.