Dependent Eligibility Verification

Benefits elections must be made within 30 days of your start date or qualifying event. However, for any eligible dependent you elected to cover, you must submit documentation within 60 days of your benefits effective date to verify your dependent’s eligibility. Verifying eligibility helps UofL to ensure compliance with the health plan provision, and manage the increasing costs of health care.

There are two ways to submit dependent verification documents in Workday: 

  1. A digital copy of the document(s) may be uploaded during the enrollment event. 

  1. If the digital document(s) are not available at time of enrollment, please follow the below steps:

    • Log in to Workday
    • From the Home Page, select “View All Apps”
    • Select “Personal Information”
    • Select “Worker Documents” and select “Add” to upload documentation.

Once the necessary documentation has been uploaded and verified by the Benefits Department, the dependent verification reminders will cease. 

Eligible Dependents

  • Spouses of covered UofL employees
  • Qualifying adult
  • Child(ren) ( natural children, step children, foster children, legally adopted children, and children placed for adoption) to the end of the calendar year in which they turn 26 even if they are married; not living with parents; attending school; not financially dependent on their parents; or eligible to enroll in their employer’s health plan
  • Child(ren) of the employee or the employee’s spouse of any age when such children are incapable of self-support because of a total and permanent disability; and
  • Child(ren) age 26 and under for whom the employee is required to provide health care coverage under a qualified medical child support order (QMCSO), regardless of where the child resides or if the child is dependent upon the employee for support
  • Surviving spouses under age 65 of UofL employees or retirees
  • COBRA participants


Required Documentation

Dependent Type Required Documentation
Spouse Marriage certificate and the first two pages of Federal Tax Return from your most recent tax return (with income and SSN information redacted). The tax return must include signatures or an e-file confirmation that includes a filing number. Or;
Marriage certificate and proof of joint ownership issued within the last six months (i.e. utility bill, mortgage statement, lease agreement, etc.)
Qualified Adult Affidavit of a Qualifying Adult and;

Employee or former employee must provide documentation demonstrating the fulfillment of all the requirements outlined in the qualified adult definition (e.g. proof of joint residence and proof of shared responsibility for a significant measure of each other’s financial obligations, etc.)

All relevant documentation must be for at least the last 12 months prior to application. 

Biological Child Birth Certificate
Adopted Child Birth Certificate, Adoption Certificate; or Placement Agreement
Step-Child Birth Certificate indicating your spouse as a parent and required documents to verify your spouse
Legal Ward Birth Certificate and court ordered document of guardianship
Foster Child Foster Care Letter of Placement
Disabled Child Birth Certificate and Federal Tax Return within two years showing you have claimed the child

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to submit originals?
No, please submit digital copies in Workday.  

Can I use a birth certificate from the hospital where my child was born?
Yes, both government issued birth certificates and birth certificates from the admitting hospital that indicates the employee is a parent are accepted.

Can I mark out information on my tax return or other documents?
There may be information on your documentation that is not needed to verify your dependent’s eligibility, such as income information on your federal tax return or social security number. If you are uncomfortable sending this unrelated information, you can mark it out on the copy you submit. For any specific questions about what you can mark out and what is required on a document, call 852-6258 or email .

What happens if I can’t locate these documents?
You have 60 days to provide these documents to verify your dependents. You can reach out to the issuing agency to request replacement documents, if they have been lost. If you are unable to provide the required documents after 60 days, your dependent will be removed effective on the 60th day.