Central Office Staff

Arielle Clark
Coordinator - Technology Administration
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Amy Chambers
Senior Program Coordinator for Marketing & Communication
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David Henry
Program Coordinator for Student Billing/Housing
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Jake Jensen
Assistant Director: Billy Minardi Hall, Community Park,
Kurz Hall, Louisville Hall, University Tower Apartments,
and University Pointe
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Mark Baker
Assistant Director of Housing Facility Operations
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Micahia Braden
 Program Coordinator for Student Rights and Responsibilities




Housing Operations Coordinator






Pinkie Smyser
Administrative Associate for Human Resources and Business Services




Ronnie Rentz
Assistant Director: Bettie Johnson Hall, Cardinal Towne,
Miller Hall, Threlkeld Hall, and Unitas Tower



Program Coordinator/Assistant to the Director






Tara Carty
Program Coordinator for Public Outreach





Livv Langston
Program Coordinator for Residence Education





Michelle Montalvo
Program Coordinator for Assignments





Steve Colston
Facilities Maintenance Coordinator for Community Park, Kurz Hall, Bettie Johnson Hall & Billy Minardi Hall




Ron Denney

Graduate Assistant for Residence Education

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Graduate Assistant for Student Rights and Responsibilities 









Erica Hougland
Graduate Assistant for Facility Administration