Medical Dental Apartment Policies

Medical Dental Apartments are twelve-month lease apartments. Residents in these apartments are responsible for reading and understanding all information contained in the following policies as well as in the general Assignment Policies. Questions regarding these policies should be directed to the Campus Housing Office in West Hall.

Apartment Changes/Transfer Fee

After the first transfer (room change) of apartments in University Tower Apartments and/or Med-Dent Apartments, a $100 processing fee will be added to the resident’s university account each time a move is made.  This fee is required to help cover the cost of necessary maintenance needed in apartments between occupants as well as the administrative work required to properly transfer agreements.

Bedroom Occupancy

The fire code requires that each bedroom in University Tower Apartments and/or Med-Dent Apartments should hold no more than two adults and one child.   Each two-bedroom should hold no more than four adults or no more than 2 adults and two children.


Apartment licenses are binding for one year (June 1 – May 15).  Cancellation fees for the apartment license include:

  • Students granted release for a special circumstance as listed on the license will be held accountable for one month’s license fee.
  • Students granted release but do not qualify for special circumstances will be held responsible for two months’ license fees.

Change in Marital Status

When spouses become separated or divorced, it is the responsibility of the resident to notify the Campus Housing Office that a spouse is no longer a resident of their apartment and that the housing agreement should be changed.  If the staff become aware of such a change in status from some other source and confirm that information with the resident, the same procedure should occur.  Building staff need to be notified by the Housing staff person receiving the information, so that access is denied should the spouse, who is no longer a resident, request admittance.  Whenever a staff person is in doubt of the status of a married couple, he/she should contact the resident before allowing anyone entrance into an apartment.  If the resident is not available, check with the apartment manager or the Housing Office.

Additionally, as part of the check in process for married couples, apartment managers will review this policy and other policies related to families.  Before a newly arrived spouse will be issued keys, the resident must provide a copy of the marriage license in English to the Housing Office or apartment manager.   If the document is not in English, it must be translated by an authorized translator and notarized.

Change of Address

Each time a resident moves (including changing apartments and moving out), a change of address form must be completed and sent to the US Post Office.  Forms are available from the building staff.


Staff will enter apartments to fix reported repairs and for regular maintenance.  Signs will be posted to alert you to these entries.  Your apartment will be entered even if you are not there.  If you are concerned that you may not hear a knock and be walked in on, use the door chain to lock your door.   Remember, however, that we must be able to enter your apartment for our regular maintenance routines.  You will be contacted if chaining your door prevents this on a regular basis.

Package Delivery

When packages cannot be delivered to the building because the resident is not home, the delivery person will leave written notification in a box outside the building.  Every day by 10pm the Hall Director will empty the box and post the notices in a central location in the lobby.  It is the resident’s responsibility to arrange for receipt of their package. University staff will never take responsibility for receipt of a resident’s package/mail.

Recreation Room Use

A recreation room is located in the basement of each apartment building.  It is a large non-smoking area for residents’ use. Though amenities vary, the rooms may contain a pool table, Ping-Pong table, board games, children’s toys, and a television. The room may also be used for other activities such as meetings, building programs, presentations, studying, or celebrations.  The residents may reserve the room for private events through the apartment manager.

To reserve the room, complete the reservation request a week prior to the date of the event.  Please be aware of the following rules:

  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed
  • No smoking
  • Decorations cannot be hung from pipes
  • The area needs to be cleaned up after the event and furniture, if moved, has to be returned to its original location
  • No food can be left in the area
  • Noise level has to be monitored so it cannot be heard on the upper floors
  • All guests must be escorted in and out of the building by the resident

To use recreation room equipment (i.e., ping pong, pool, etc.), follow the procedure set up in the building which may include signing a use agreement, leaving a photo ID, and returning equipment to the storage location by midnight.

Requests for Additional Keys

Should a resident need to provide a non-resident key access to the building, that request must be put in writing to the apartment manager.  It may take 5 – 7 days to receive a response.  Residents should not have copies of keys made on their own as this practice jeopardizes the building residents’ security.  Residents found to have made keys without permission risk loss of their housing agreement.