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Instructions on how to Pull In a Roommate

  1. Log into
  2. Click on Choose My Room
  3. Click on Choose your Roommate
  4. Review the Choose Your Roommate process
  5. Click on Continue
  6. This will show you the room you are assigned in for the next academic year.
  7. From the drop down box, select the bed you want to pull your roommate into.  Please be aware in suite situation, you may see multiple room numbers within the same group.  Be sure to select that same room number as you to be roommates.  Otherwise you will be suite mates.
  8. Next you will put in your roommates Login ID and password.  Both the login ID and password are your roommate’s student ID number. Then hit your tab key.
  9. Wait a moment and the system will pull in your roommate’s name and whether they are a valid match.
  10. Click on Pull In Roommate
  11. The next page will show you a final review of where your roommate will be assigned.  Click on Confirm.
  12. This page is your confirmation, please print a copy for your roommate.  If you have only one roommate you wish to pull in, you are finished.  If you wish to pull in another roommate click on Pull in Another Roommate and repeat these steps.
  13. Be sure to print the confirmation page for each roommate you pulled in.  Also, be sure they know you have booked them and that they need to sign their license as well as confirm the room booking on the License signature page.


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