Ethics LLC

The Ethics Living Learning Community affords students the opportunity to become better skilled at understanding and resolving ethical problems through coursework and dialogue with their peers.

The Ethics LLC is a community of students who are interested in grappling with ethical questions and who want to develop their knowledge base and skills for ethical reflection.  The members of the Ethics LLC will take two courses in ethics together, and a third elective chosen individually.  Participants will also have regular co-curricular opportunities to interact with faculty in workshops, panel discussions, etc. focusing on specific ethical questions. This community is housed in Cardinal Towne. More information about Cardinal Towne can be found on the Cardinal Towne website and on the Campus Housing website.

Required courses for the Ethics Community:



ONE of the below courses in either Fall or Spring

What are the benefits of participating in the Ethics Community?

  • Increased understanding of, and engagement in, issues of public importance
  • Increased sense of community as a student at UofL
  • Increased understanding of the value of philosophy and the humanities
  • Increased commitment to complete your degree
  • Development of an ethical character
  • Increased opportunities to work closely with faculty
  • Opportunity to take both PHIL 222: Contemporary Ethical Problems and PHIL 321: Ethics with LLC participants.  One ethics elective will be chosen individually.

Who can apply for the Ethics Community?

  • Upperclassmen (sophomore and above) who are interested in learning about ethical decision making and putting these concepts into practice within their living environment.
  • If you are interested in applying, please fill out our housing application. After completing the housing application, please complete the Ethics Community application.


For any additional questions related to the Ethics Community, please contact Dr. David Owen at or (502) 852-0448.