Find Your Fit LLC

This community brings together first year students who are undecided about their academic major with nine or more college credit hours for guided assistance to explore majors and careers.

The goal of this residential community is to help students "find their fit" academically and align their goals with a career path. Students will explore individual career paths through courses, programming, services, and connections to campus and community resources. Participants in the Find Your Fit LLC will be personally mentored by a Student Success Center Exploratory Advisor and Graduate Assistant. They will also have two small seminar experiences that are designed to enhance the academic and personal success of undecided students while creating strong relationships with university faculty and staff.

This community is housed in Miller Hall, which is conveniently located close to the Student Activities Center and some of the main academic buildings. Learn more about Miller Hall.

Required courses for the Find Your Fit participants:

  • GEN 100: Student Success Center Orientation (Fall 2018)
    • One credit, half-semester interactive class that aims to ease the transition to UofL by introducing resources, strategies and tools for success.
    • Group and individual assignments will help determine your purpose and motivations while creating a plan to move forward in your major and career decision making process.
  • ECPY 302: Personal and Academic Inquiry (Spring 2019)
    • This seminar is designed for undergraduate students who are undeclared, are pre-unit majors, or are in transition between majors.
    • Students will explore an academic topic of personal interest related to the seminar theme as they develop, complete and present their work through an original inquiry project. They will also engage in a variety of individualized and group activities to assist them in choosing a major and career path.

What are the benefits of participating in the Find Your Fit LLC?

  • Specialized assistance with the transition to the university and the academic rigor.
  • Academic planning to meet student's specialized interests.
  • One-on-one sessions with a personalized academic advisor specifically assigned to the participants of this community.
  • Increased opportunities to build strong relationships with faculty and staff.
  • Student engagement both in the classroom and at the university, including volunteer opportunities to help you get to know the LLC members and your local community.
  • Guidance to make a well informed major decision.
  • Guaranteed living space in Miller Hall, centrally located on campus with ample parking.

Who can apply to the Find Your Fit Community?

  • All incoming first-year students with nine or more college credit hours (earned by the start of the fall semester) admitted to the College of Arts and Sciences with undecided/undeclared majors or who are exploring their major options.
  • If you are interested in applying, please fill out our Housing Application. After completing the housing application, please complete the Find Your Fit application.

For any additional questions related to the Find Your Fit community, please email Assel Kuzembayeva or Jessy Rosenberg or call (502) 852-1904.

Meet the Advisor

Jessy Rosenberg is originally from Berea, KY and has been a member of the Exploratory Advising Team since February 2016. Her 15 year career has focused on students in transition, via orientation, first year student initiatives, transfer and international student services, and a college access program.

Currently she assists students exploring their major and career options, guiding them through their decision-making process. She is an instructor for GEN 100 and will be the academic advisor for the members of the Find Your Fit community. Outside of work, Jessy enjoys live music, sporting events and travelling.

Meet the Graduate Assistant In-Residence

Assel Kuzembayeva is originally from Kazakhstan, and she graduated from Penn State in 2015. While at Penn State, Assel was a primary chair of THON, the largest student run philanthropy in the world, for Kazakhstani Student Association and was also a volunteer and an intern at State College Meals on Wheels.

Currently, Assel is pursuing her Master's degree in Sociology at the University of Louisville. She will be a mentor for the Find Your Fit community and will be the GEN 100 instructor for the participants. In addition to her academic life, Assel is a figure skating enthusiast and a pianist.