Resident Student Association

The goal of RSA is to make residence life an unforgettable experience and to ensure that residents' voices are heard. RSA is a liaison among the residence hall students, Housing and Residence Life, and the university community.

Other interesting facts about RSA include:

  • All residence hall students are automatic members.
  • RSA provides programming within the halls and campus wide.
  • RSA advocates for residents by figuring out what they want, ensuring residents have services to benefit them, and create opportunities for residents to meet with other student leaders and housing and university administration.
  • RSA is made up of Seven Executive Board officers. Six officers are elected each Spring, and the Seventh
    officer is the NRHH President, which is elected through NRHH elections. Elected officers through RSA include:
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Director of Finance
    • Director of Promotions
    • Director of Campus Outreach
    • National Communications Coordinator

Hall Councils

  • Every resident hall has its own hall council responsible for programming and addressing areas of concern for the residents of that hall.
  • Hall council representatives are elected by popular vote in each hall in the beginning of the fall semester. Hall representative officers include:
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Programming Chair
    • Campus Outreach Officer
  • The representatives manage funds for events and make purchases of equipment needed for the hall.
  • Watch for signs about meetings and elections posted in your hall.

For meeting times, current executive board officers, and upcoming events please check out our Blackboard and Facebook pages!

Facebook page

OrgSync Page

Student Services and Products RSA supports

  • RSA also supports several student service programs and products including bedlofts, linens, care packages, and more.

Please feel free to contact Evan Keil, the RSA adviser, if you have any questions.
Email Evan