Special Needs Request Form

Campus Housing will attempt to provide housing accommodations that meet the needs of students with unique requirements within a safe environment. Students with unique requirements who may need special accommodation must indicate their accommodation requirements on the housing application or as soon as they are aware of the requirement once the application has been submitted.


If you need accommodations outside of housing (e.g., classroom accommodations or additional testing time), contact the Disability Resource Center at (502)-852-6938 or at askdrc@louisville.edu. You can also visit their website at http://louisville.edu/disability.


For more information about special accommodations in housing, visit our Special Accommodations page: http://louisville.edu/housing/options/info/special.

If an emergency arises in my building, I will need assistance exiting the building.  

I would like to be added to the Emergency Evacuation List.  Campus Housing compiles a list at the beginning of each semester of the students who have identified disabilities or specific medical conditions. The list is distributed to the University of Louisville Police Department, The Disability Resource Center, the Assistant Vice President for Student Life, and the Campus Housing staff. The University of Louisville Police Department is responsible for referring to the list if a particular building is in emergency status and will provide specific information to the fire department or any other emergency response team who will assist individuals as needed.

All information that I have submitted on this form is true and correct to my utmost knowledge.   I understand that if any information is falsified or untrue for my own benefit, my request for accommodation will be automatically denied.

I understand that Campus Housing may consult with the Disability Resource Center staff to verify requested adaptations or accommodations.  

I understand that the Disability Resource Center may refer me (the student) to the Student Health Services Center if my condition is medically based.