Room Change - Waitlist Request

Residents who are requesting a room change should fill out the form below.

If you request a specific roommate, that resident must also fill out this form separately in order to be paired up. Otherwise your roommate request will not be honored.

You must have an assignment somewhere on campus for the semester you are requesting before you can request a room change or go on the wait list.  If you fill out this request and do not yet have an assignment, it will be rejected.

Room assignments are made as spaces become available.   If there are no spaces available, you will be placed on a wait list.

Enter your full first name. Please do not enter a nickname.
Enter your last name.
Enter your 7 digit student ID number.
Enter your email address. Communications regarding your room change request will be sent to this address.
Enter a phone number where we could contact you.
Enter where you currently live or where you have been assigned.
Enter your room number
Enter the term you wish for this change to take place
Enter your first building preference. If you want to change rooms in your current hall, select that hall as your first preference and leave.
If you have a specific room type request, please select it
If you have a specific room request, please enter the room number
If you have a roommate preference. Please enter their student ID number.
Enter any additional information that would assist our staff in facilitating your room change.
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Single Room
Select if you would like a single room. Single rooms are extremely limited with priority given to those students who have a need for a single space. Single rooms are not available in all buildings.

Your account will be adjusted according to your new assignment. Room changes that occur after the beginning of the semester will be prorated from the time of the change. Accounts need to be settled at the Bursar's office.

Once you have received approval, please complete a proper room change by checking out of your old room and into your new room at the appropriate times.