First Year Live On Exemption Request

UofL first-year students under 21 will be required to live on campus, unless living at home with a parent or guardian.

For details on the Exemption Process and criteria for automatic exemption approval, please view the First-Year Live On Exemption Policy.

You WILL NOT be required to pay the application charge to fill out this request. Students who paid the application charge but then change their minds WILL NOT receive a refund. Students who pay the application charge, sign their license and have a room assignment will still be held to the cancellation charges posted in the cancellation policy.

Those students who are requesting an exemption because they are living with a parent or guardian must download this Exemption Request Letter to fill out and use as their documentation.You must complete the request fully and provide documentation for it to be reviewed by the exemption committee. Documentation must be attached to this form; documentation cannot be faxed in to the office.

** Falsifying documentation will void any exemption request approval**

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