Financial Appeal Request

Students wishing to appeal cancellation fees must do so in writing at the time of cancellation. A completed cancellation form, appeal form, and  formal dated documentation will be required for the appeal to be considered. The documentation should demonstrate why you missed the dated deadlines listed in the cancellation policy. The appeals committee meets every other week to review appeals requests.

* Appeals older than 5 academic years will not be reviewed.

Contesting the Appeals Committee Decision

To contest the appeal decision, an email must be submitted online to the Director of Housing within 10 days of receiving the appeal decision letter.

Enter your full first name. Please do not enter a nickname.
Enter your last name.
Enter your 7 digit student ID number. If you do not know your number, enter 1234567.
Enter your email address. Communications regarding your room change request will be sent to this address.
Enter your permanent home address. Do not enter a campus address.
Enter a phone number where we could contact you.
Enter your room number
Enter the term for the charge you are appealing
Select the category that best fits the charge.
Please be through. Include dates and names when you have them.
characters remaining
Dated formal documentation backup must be included for your appeal to be reviewed by the committee. All documentation must be submitted electronically. Formal dated documentation examples: • Dated letter from registrar or academic unit demonstrating reduced aid or loss of scholarship • Official letter from another institution documenting date of application and admittance • Detailed doctor’s note • Legal/Court Paperwork • Marriage or birth certificate • Dated military reporting papers
If you have secondary documentation, you may include it.
By entering your name you are agreeing that all the information above is accurate.
Enter the financial total of what you were charged.


Please note that cancellation fees should be paid quickly. Outstanding balances on University of Louisville accounts will continue to accrue late fees in $50.00 increments and will be sent to a collection agency.

Currently Enrolled students can pay online through the Bursar’s office.

Send all payments to:

For University of Louisville Housing (Louisville Hall, West, Center, Wellness, Miller, Unitas, Threlkeld, UTA, Med-Dent)
University of Louisville Bursar’s Office
2211 S. Brook St. 
Louisville, KY 40292.

For ULH, Inc. (Community Park, Kurz, Bettie Johnson, Billy Minardi)
University of Louisville Properties
1900 South 4th Street
Louisville, KY 40208