Ethics LLC Application

Every time we act, we act in the way we consider to be right. But what does it mean to act in the right way? This is the question philosophical ethics tries to make sense of. This Living Learning Community will help you develop both the concepts and the intellectual skills to think through, discuss, and answer ethical questions. You will take two required 1-credit reading courses together to build community and provide an opportunity for focused reading and discussion. In addition, you will have several required opportunities each semester to engage with your LLC community members in co-curricular events and activities that will help you to apply in real-world situations what you have learned in the classroom.

Courses required: 1-credit directed reading in the fall semester, and 1-credit directed reading in the spring semester. The course description will be determined and provided by the Philosophy Department.

The Ethics LLC is housed in Louisville Hall. Learn more about Louisville Hall by visiting our webpage.