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First Year Live On Exemption Request



 UofL first-year students under 21 will be required to live on campus, unless living at home with a parent or guardian.

Students who can demonstrate that they meet one of the following conditions may receive an exemption from the policy: a) will reside with a custodial parent or guardian for the academic year; b) veteran of the U.S. Armed Services; c) 21 years of age or older; d) married; or e) custodial parent or guardian of a child.

Students with other extenuating circumstances may also petition for an exemption.

You WILL NOT be required to pay the application charge to fill out this request. Student who did pay the application charge but then change their minds WILL NOT receive a refund.  Students who pay the application charge, sign their license and have a room assignment will still be held to the cancellation charges posted in the cancellation policy.

You must complete the request fully and provide documentation for it to be reviewed by the exemption committee.

Contesting the Exemption Committee Decision

To contest the exemption decision, an email must be submitted to the director of housing within 10 days of receiving the appeal decision letter.

 ** Falsifying documentation will void any exemption request**

Please complete the form below

Please enter your first name.
Please enter your last name.
Please enter your 7 digit student ID number
All correspondence will go to this address. Please verify that it is correct before submitting the request. You will want to enter a personal email address that you will have after leaving the university.
Please enter your permanent home address. Do not enter a campus address.
Term you are requesting an exemption. If you are requesting an exemption for the fall term, the committee's decision will apply for the spring semester as well.
I will reside in the principle residence of my parent(s) or legal guardian(s) for the first academic year that I am attending UofL. If you select this option, you are required to fill out your parent/guardian's information below. Failing to do so will result in the rejection or delay of your request. You must also attach a letter from your parent(s)/legal guardian(s) confirming that you will live with them at their permanent address. This letter should provide contact information and parent(s)/legal guardian(s) signature.
If you plan to live at home, you need to submit a letter signed by a parent or legal guardian that states you will be living at home for the duration of your freshman year. Scan it or take a legible photo of it, save it as a .pdf or .jpeg, and attach it where indicated.
Please enter then name of one of your parents or guardians
Please enter your relationship (mother, father, aunt, uncle, legal guardian, etc.)
Please enter your parent/guardian's address.
I will be 21 years of age prioir to the first day of classes of the first term of enrollment.
Birth certificate, driver's license, or other government issued document that would show your birth date. Tip: Taking a picture of your driver's license will work.
I am/will be married prior to the first day of classes of the first term of enrollment.
marriage certificate.
I have served in the US Armed Forces prior to the first day of classes of the first term of enrollment.
order papers or other government issued documentation
I have dependent family under my care.
A birth certificate, adoption papers or other government proof guardianship.
Leaving or transferring to another school
Proof of withdrawal from the registrar. Registration of classes at another university.
Students who do not qualify based on the above reasons, but believe they should still qualify for an exemption can give an explanation below. Requests for exemption to the Live-On Policy on the basis of compelling individual circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis. Please provide a narrative and any additional documentation necessary to support your position.
characters remaining
Dated formal documentation backup must be included for your request to be reviewed by the committee. All documentation must be submitted electronically. Failure to submit proper documentation will result in a delay or rejection of your request.
If you have another document you would like to attach.
By signing your name you are agreeing that all the information entered above is accurate. Entering false information could result in judicial sanctions and/or additional charges typically in the amount of a double occupancy traditional hall room to your student account.

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