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Advising Campaign Spring 2014


The frigid arrival of the Spring 2014 semester has already ushered in many new experiences and opportunities for all of us.  One of the most important opportunities to get on your calendar right now is our upcoming Honors advising campaign!  We have some very important appointment scheduling procedural information to share with you, so please pay careful attention to the following set of instructions as some things have changed with the advising appointment system since last semester.

The Honors Advising Window:

  • Advising appointments - Feb. 5 – March 30 (excluding Spring Break week of March 10-14)
  • Walk-In Advising – March 31 and April 1, 8:30-11:30AM, 1-4PM (last-minute concerns only – must have already attended an Honors advising appointment previously)
  • Priority Registration – 8AM on April 1



The Honors Advising Team (in alpha order – this is how we will appear in GradesFirst)*:

  • Kirsten Armstrong
  • Roy Buckman (Luke is listed with his first name on GradesFirst)
  • Katherine Rucker
  • Anna Tonnemacher (Ketti is listed with her first name on GradesFirst.  Please note that Ketti’s availabilities may be on the second tab on the appointment screen in GradesFirst)

*Dr. Richardson will not be available for advising appointments this semester.


The Procedure:

  • Honors Scholars – will receive the GradesFirst campaign e-mail (this will look like it’s coming from Kirsten Armstrong) around 7:45AM on Mon., Feb. 3 in their UofL e-mail accounts. 
  • All other Honors students – will receive the GradesFirst campaign e-mail from Kirsten Armstrong around 7:45AM on Wed., Feb. 5 in their UofL e-mail accounts.
  • Once you receive your e-mail from GradesFirst/Kirsten Armstrong - Please follow the link and sign up online for an Honors advising appointment within GradesFirst.
  • You may choose an Honors advisor on GradesFirst – although many of you may have assigned Honors advisors, you do not have to stick with your assigned advisor if you wish to see someone else.  Of course, this is all subject to appointment availabilities for each advisor at the time that you log in.


Detailed instructions on how to set up an appointment with GradesFirst are available here.


No Longer Active in Honors:

  • If you have been suspended from the Honors Program, you should have received an e-mail to this effect earlier this semester.  In the event that you are no longer a member of the Honors Program, you should seek out advising from your home academic advising unit instead.   
  • For anyone who is no longer a member of the Honors Program, we recommend that you visit the ULearn website to determine who your current academic advisor is here - click on “Unit Advising Centers”
  • If you wish to make an appointment with a counselor, you will need to come to the Etscorn Honors Center in person no earlier than Thurs., Feb 6 and speak to someone at the front desk about scheduling an appointment.  You will not receive the GradesFirst appointment campaign e-mail from us if you are no longer active in the Honors Program, but we want to help ensure that we connect you with the appropriate advising professional to meet your particular advising needs.
  • However, if you were recently suspended from Honors due to GPA, but you are very close to being eligible to return to the Honors Program, and you still wish to be advised by an Honors advisor, you may request an appointment beginning on Friday, Feb. 8 by calling (502) 852-6293 or by stopping by the Etscorn Honors Center in Threlkeld Hall if you fall into one of the following categories:

o    First-year students with cumulative GPA between 2.75 and 2.9

o    All other students with a cumulative GPA between 3.3 and 3.34

We hope that this information is helpful, and we are looking forward to meeting with each of you this semester! Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about the Honors advising appointment sign-up procedures by contacting us via phone at 502-852-6293, via e-mail at, or by contacting your Honors advisor directly.

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