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University Honors Council

The Honors Council is the Advisory body to the Director of the University Honors Program. The Council is charged with making policy, establishing official procedure, and approving major administrative decisions within the Honors Program. Standing committees shall include Admissions & Student Affairs, Scholarships, Curriculum, and Budget.


The Council shall be chaired by the Director of the University Honors Program and represent all undergraduate colleges and schools of the university. Also represented are the Provost’s Office, Admissions Office and Honors students. The Associate Director of Honors and an Honors Academic Counselor shall provide support and counsel.


Specific Duties of members of the Council: 

  • Recommend changes in the admission standards and process as appropriate
  • Evaluate existing programs within Honors and make recommendations
  • Recommend new programming and student engagement opportunities
  • Evaluate scholarship initiatives and participate in selection process
  • Recommend new directions in curriculum; evaluate current offerings
  • Participate in selection of Distinguished Honors Fellows
  • Participate in budget process


 Suggested Structure & Members of the Honors Council


Chair:                          Director, University Honors Program (John Richardson)


Provost’s Office:         Dale Billingsley, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies


Arts & Sciences:        

Julia Dietrich, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies

Humanities faulty member (Pam Beattie, Humanities)

Natural Sciences faculty member (Thomas Riedel, Mathematics)

Social Science faculty member (Joy Hart, Communications)


College of Business and Public Administration:                                   

Julia Karcher, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies


Education:                   Cheryl Kolander, Associate Dean


Engineering:                Michael Day, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies


Music School:             Jack Ashworth, Music History


Nursing:                      Justin Landis, Academic Counselor


Student:                      TBD


Staff:                           Jenny Sawyer (or designate), Executive Director of the Admissions  Office

                                        Michael Anthony, Interim Director of the Cultural Center


Honors staff support: 

Nichole Burruss, Administrative Assistant


 Honors Fellows

 Honors Fellows are faculty members who have made a committment to the University Honors Program to teach a designated number of courses including seminars.  For a list of previous year's seminars click here.


Michael Johmann (Humanities)      (2009-10)

Julie Bunck (Political Science)         (2009-10)

Paul Salmon (Psychology)                 (2010-11)

Joy Hart (Communication)                (2009-10)

Karen Hadley (English)                        (2009-10)

Julia Karcher (Business School)       (annual)

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