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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

TITLE: "The Last Aretine:  Guido Tarlati da Pietramala, Bishop and Signore of Arezzo"
CONTACT: Dr. Blake Beattie
SYNOPSIS:  This study addresses the career of Guido Tarlati da Pietramala (c. 1280-1327), bishop (1311-27) and signore (1321-27) of the Tuscan City of Arezzo.  It will examine how a distinctively Aretine understanding of civic identity (martial, Ghibelline, and virulently anti-Florentine), and how the peculiarities of Arezzo's history (especially its historical relations with Florence), shaped the career of this remarkable figure.  Dr. Beattie needs a collaborator who will assist in locating research materials in the catalogues of North American libraries and Italian national and regional archives.
REQUIREMENTS:  Proficiency in Latin and Italian (facility with 14th-century Tuscan desired but not required); knowledge of medieval/Renaissance Italian history and urban politics; ability to utilize library and archival catalogues (both online and hard-copy); major in History.

TITLE: Law in the Ranks:  Legal Culture and Civil War Soldiers
CONTACTProfessor Thomas Mackey
SYNOPSIS:  Professor Mackey's study is an analysis of United States legal culture of the middle nineteenth century.  It examines how "legal values" permeated the culture and affected the behavior of plain people of the era.  He needs an undergraduate collaborator who will assist him with research in nineteenth century legal treatises, reported case law, unreported case law, the military legal proceedings of the Union and Confederate bureaucracies, and the published primary materials.
REQUIREMENTS:  Lexis/Nexus capabilities, Shepherd's citations, command of nineteenth century legal doctrine and procedure, superior legal research skills, strong writing skills; history major.

TITLEIndian Tory:  A Biography of Sir Mancherjee Merwanjee Bhownaggree
CONTACTProfessor John McLeod
SYNOPSIS:  Professor McLeod's project is a study of an Indian lawyer and politician named Sir Mancherjee Merwanjee Bhrownaggree (1851-1933).  He needs an undergraduate collaborator who will help him translate a Gujarati language book by Bhownaggree, entitled Maharani Viktoriyae Skatlandna pahadi mulkmam karela pravasonum varnan.
REQUIREMENTS:  Native or near-native speaker of Gujarati (with reading ability); good writer of English; history major.

TITLE: Research in Ottoman History
CONTACTDr. Justin McCarthy
SYNOPSIS:  Research entails continued study of the demographic and social changes in the Ottoman Empire and Turkey from Approximately 1700 to the present.  Particular attention is paid to the long-term economic and social dislocations of the 19th and 20th centuries.
REQUIREMENTS:  Students must have a general knowledge of the Ottoman Empire and Ottoman demographics.  She/he should have a specialized grasp of Ottoman statistical codes and scribal practices, as well as specialized knowledge of stable population models and demographic projections.

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