CV Yuxin Ma

CV of Yuxin Ma


July 2011-now                               Associate Prof, University of Louisville

August 2006 June 2011             Assistant Prof., University of Louisville

August 2003 June 2006             Assistant Prof., Armstrong Atlantic State University



Ph.D. 2003, University of Minnesota

M. A. 1997, Peking University

B. A.  1994, Xian Medical University



Book: Women Journalism and Feminism in China, 1898-1937 (Cambria, 2010)

Articles in English:      

          The Rise of China in Events that Shaped the World edited by Dr. Thackery (to


        Li Zhishans Feminist Activities in Tianjin in the 1920s Virginia Review of Asian        

                Studies,Vol XI 2008, 35-50           

            Suffragists and National Politics in Early Republican China, 1911-15 (Womens

                      History Review 16, 2 (April 2007): 183-201

             Surviving the National Revolution: Chinese Womens Press 1924-32, Studies on

                      Asia 3, 1(2006): 65-84.   

             Women Journalists in the Chinese Enlightenment, Gender Issues 22, 1 (2005):  


             Constructing Manchukuo Womanhood to Serve the Japanese Empire, The 

                      Journal of Georgia Association of Historians (Vol. XXIV, 2003): 80-105.

             Male Feminism and Womens Subjectivities: Zhang Xichen, Chen Xuezhao and

                      The New Woman,Twentieth Century China 29, 1 (2003): 1-37.

             Cross-Dressing in Modern Japan, Japan Studies Review VI(2002): 21-43.

Articles in Chinese: 

        Funü, Jiating, Hunyin (Women, Family, Marriage) In China Studies (Series on

  Frontiers of Western Research in the Humanities & Social Sciences), China  

       Renmin Univ. Press (Forthcoming)

 Li Zhishan and Tianjin Feminist Movement in the Early 1920s Development:  

              Making Womens Lives Better (Shanghai, 2008).

        Nüziyuekan yu Nüzi shudian (Womens Monthly and Womens Bookstore)

                      Shanghai Funü (January 2008).

        Li Zhishan yu Tianjin Nüxingshe (Li Zhishan and Womens Star Society)

              Shanghai Funü (November, 2007).

Book Reviews:

        You Jianming, Hu Ying and Joan Judge eds. Chongdu Zhongguo Nüxing Shengming Gushi


        Danke Li, Echoes of Chongqing: Women in Wartime China.


        Harriet Evans, The Subject of Gender: Daughters and Mothers in Urban China.            

               Southeast Review of Asian Studies, 2010.

        Yu Chen-ming. On and Off the Playing Fields: A Modern History of Physical Education

               for Girls in Eastern China. 2010

        Grace Fong. Herself an Author: Gender, Agency, and Writing in Late Imperial China     


           Anne E. Mclaren. Performing Grief: Bridal Laments in Rural China.  (2009)


           Michel Hockx. Questions of Style: Literary Societies and Literary Journals in Modern

   China, 1911-1937 Virginia Review of Asian Studies, Vol. XII, 2009

            Madeleine Yue Dong. Republican Beijing: The City and its Histories. Virginia Review of  

    Asian Studies, Vol. XII, 2009

            Anjun Zhu. Feminism and Global Chineseness.


           Tiberghien. Gender and Human Rights Politics in Japan by, H-Net, 2005