Women in the Ancient Mediterranean World 2015-2016

Feminine Mystique: Women in the Ancient World

a lecture by Professor Jenifer Neils, Case Western Reserve University

In addition to teaching classical art and archaeology at Case Western University since 1980, Jenifer Neils has guest-curated two major international loan exhibitions: Goddess and Polis: The Panathenaic Festival in Ancient Athens (1992), and Coming of Age in Ancient Greece: Images of Childhood from the Classical Past (2003), and edited and co-authored their catalogues. Her most recent books are The Parthenon Frieze (Cambridge University Press 2001), The Parthenon From Antiquity to the Present (Cambridge 2005), The British Museum Concise Introduction to Ancient Greece (London and Ann Arbor 2008) and Women in the Ancient World (British Museum and J. Paul Getty Museum, 2011). She has served as Vice-President for Publications of the Archaeological Institute of America and area editor for the 7-volume Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece and Rome (2010).

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