E-Check-up To Go (e-Chug and/or e-Toke) Online Self Assessment

BRICC Wall -  Facilitated/ Passive Program (Tabling/ Exhibit 20-30 minutes)

  • Students share their story about alcohol and substance use including stories regarding how others' use has affected them. These stories are written on "bricks" and displayed on BRICC Wall exhibits. The data on the bricks tracks trends which evolve and change over time.

Bartending 101 – Do you know what you are drinking? Do you know what your friends are drinking? This program provides resources to keep you and your friends safe.

Friends, Sex and Alcohol - This is an interactive program led by students about real life and tough decisions.

What is Your Drinking Culture? - The topic of alcohol is complex.  What are your views? How did you get them?

Quit time! - Smoking, Tobacco and Nicotine Addiction: How to decide when to quit and how to do it, including on-campus resources.

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NICE stands for Nicotine-free Initiative for Civil (or Compassionate) Engagement. NICE is a free training to empower UofL students, faculty, and staff to encourage - with compassion - those who are smoking or vaping on campus to observe the official Smoke & Tobacco-free policy. Request the NICE training for your students or employees by clicking below!

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