Travel Funding Reimbursement

    Beginning, March 1, 2016, our reimbursement procedures have changed in order to meet the needs of graduate students in a faster, simpler way.

    **IMPORTANT NOTE: We NO LONGER use Travel Expense Vouchers or the online T&E system.**

    The Graduate Student Council in partnership with the Student Government Association and Dean of Student's office now processes all travel awards through Financial Aid and posts these award to the student aid account visible in ULINK.  If you have received the maximum amount of university aid and loans allowable by the federal government, this may reduce the amount of your loan rather than reimbursing you cash.  Questions about this should be directed to the Financial Aid Office.

    The University of Louisville is required to adhere to all federal, state, and institutional guidelines. If your aid package is adjusted as a result, you will receive notification in your university email. Policy information is available on-line at

    Reimbursement Process

    1. Schedule and appointment with your Unit Business Manager.  (If you submit paperwork on your own without the assistance of a Unit Business Manager (UBM), you MUST provide the name and email address of your Unit Business Manager.  No reimbursement will be processed without this information.)  If you do not know who your UBM is, then ask the people working in your department office.
    2. Bring your Travel Award Letter, proof of presentation (if your presented), and Original Receipts to the appointment with your UBM.  Proof of presentation can be a copy of the program where your name appears or something that verifies your abstract was accepted for presentation.
    3. Complete this GSC Reimbursement form.
    4. Have your Unit Business manager send in the documents listed below.  This can be sent to HOUCHENS 105 (campus mail or hand delivered) or by email to Yes, the email address should not have an "e" between "v" and "l".

    Required Documents for Reimbursement:

    1. GSC Reimbursement Form
    2. Travel Award Letter
    3. Proof of Presentation (if you presented)
    4. Receipt(s) that you want GSC to reimburse