Travel Award Frequently Asked Questions


    General Procedure

    Can you outline the full travel award procedure?

    Below is a schematic of our procedure:

    Application Process

    I made a mistake on my application, how should I fix it?

    As soon as you apply, you should receive an email with your application information. If you have made a mistake, reply to this email detailing the mistake and providing the correct information.

    When should I apply?

    You should apply as soon as you know you will be traveling. Travel awards are available on a first come, first serve basis. If you have submitted an abstract and are waiting for a response, apply early and indicate that on your application. You will be tentatively approved for the maximum amount.

    I indicated I submitted an abstract when applying and now my abstract has been declined, can I still get funding?

    Sure! Applying while indicating that an abstract has been submitted allows us to tentatively approved you for the maximum amount. If you are no longer presenting, you are still able to receive $200 from the GSC just for attending the conference. Please contact the Director of Travel ( noting this change before your travel date.

    Who is eligible for a Travel Award?

     All graduate students enrolled at University of Louisville who are represented by the GSC are eligible for Travel Awards. If you are unsure if you are represented by the GSC, please check this page. If your department is listed, you are eligible. If not, you are probably not eligible, but you can email the Director of Travel ( to check.

    My department is listed as inactive, what does this mean?

    Unfortunately, this means you are ineligible for funding. Your department must be active at the time of application and/or the time of disbursement for you to be eligible to receive funding. To regain eligibility and an active status your department must make up an attendance requirement. Please contact your representative (found here) for further information.

    When is it too late too apply?

    The short answer is two weeks prior to travel. This gives the Director time to process your application. However, if you are traveling sooner than that, go ahead and apply, if your application is processed prior to your travel date you will be awarded money.

    It is advised that students apply as close to the application opening date. So, plan your conference travel then check for the funding timelines to ensure you submit your application on or just after the date applications are set to be accepted.


    Approval Process

    I was awarded a travel award but can no longer attend, what do I do?

    In order to maintain eligibility for future travel awards, you must notify the Director of Travel by email ( before your planned travel date. If this date has passed, it is best to contact the Director of Travel anyway. This allows your award to be recirculated and could result in a restatement of eligibility.

    I indicated that I wouldn't be presenting but now my abstract has been accepted, can I change my award amount?

    Generally, yes, but you must notify the Director of Travel ( prior to your planned travel dates. Increases in funds requested after travel will not be granted.

    I applied for an award to attend a conference but now would like to attend another conference instead, can I use this award to attend the other conference?

    Sure! You will need to notify the Director of Travel ( about your change in plans prior to your original departure but we are happy to accomodate changes in plans.

    I was denied travel funding for traveling previously this academic year, but my travel was during the summer, how could this be?

    Due to budget timelines and allowing us ample time to process reimbursements, our travel year starts in May. If your travel occurred after May, it is considered this academic year. If it occurred before May and you still receive this response, email and clarify your situation.

    I was denied travel funding for not turning in documents but I traveled last year, why is that?

    It is GSC policy that if you do not comply with GSC travel procedures and fail to turn in documentation 30 days after returning from travel, you will be ineligible for travel awards for the remainder of this academic year and the next. This policy is to ensure compliance with our rules. If students do not follow our procedure, the money we award them is essentially wasted which effects our ability to request the same amount of travel funding the next year. Since the consequences for failing to comply with our procedures is fairly dramatic, we believe this policy is fair.

    I was denied because my department is inactive, what does that mean?

    It means that your department has failed to be represented at one of our meetings. In order to maintain eligibility, your department must be in active status at the time of application and the time of disbursement. 

    Documentation and Receipts

    What costs can be covered under this award?

    The travel award should be used to cover travel related costs. We are happy to cover airfare, rental cars (including lyfts/ubers) to and from airports, conference registration, lodging, and other related costs. While we prefer not to cover food costs, exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis (itemized transaction receipts are required for this request). The two primary situations where exceptions are made are:

    • When the students cost are just below the maximum amount awarded. In this case, if a food receipt or two allows the student to receive the maximum amount of funding, we are happy to make an exception. However, in no case will alcohol be covered by GSC funds (provide itemized receipts, clearly indicating purchases to be covered). 
    • When the student is also receiving departmental funding. In this case, the department will often request the GSC to pay the per diem. The rationale behind this is that if the GSC does not cover per diem, the department will and vice versa. Therefore, the student will receive the same amount of funding regardless of who is designated to pay which expense. The department UBM is responsible for calculating the per diem and submitted the request on behalf of the student.

    Can we cover poster printing costs?

    While we prefer to cover travel related costs, posters have been covered in the past. So go ahead and submit receipts for the poster and if something is odd, you will be contacted.

    Receiving Funds

    What happens if I have taken out the maximum amount of loans?

    Since we now disburse funds through financial aid, if you have taken out the maximum amount of loans, it is likely your funds will go toward paying off your principle and not be disbursed to you. While this may be frustrating, it is decreasing the amount of debt you have.

    What happens if I have a balance on my student account?

    The funds will first pay any remaining balance on your student account and then the difference will be disbursed to you.

    Will these awards effect my tuition remission and/or stipend?

    No. This award will not effect any of your regular financial aid. However, if you have taken out the maximum amount of loans on top of your regular aid, your award could be applied to paying back a portion of your loan instead of disbursed to you.

    I was awarded $350 but only received $150/$200, where is the rest of my money?

    Because our funding comes from two sources, you will see two posts to your student account. They will not be posted at the same time. Please allow 5-7 business days to see the other post. If after that amount of time, you still have not received your full amount, contact

    I was awarded a travel award but now you are saying I can't receive funding because my department is inactive, what does this mean?

    It is GSC policy that your department must remain active at the time of application and the time of disbursement. This is to stop departments from applying for funds but never showing up at our meetings. If your department fell into inactive status after you had applied but before you received your award, it made you ineligible to receive funds. Please contact your representative (found here) for further information.