Presidential Diversity Supplement Form

The Graduate School is seeking nominations for the Presidential Diversity Supplement Program sponsored by the Graduate School and the President’s office.  We are asking that you nominate in-coming doctoral students (students you are trying to recruit) who will contribute to the diversity of your programs and who you will support with program funding that is, Presidential Diversity Supplement recipients are not those supported by the Graduate School as Diversity Scholars, but are those supported in full by scholarships (stipend, health insurance, tuition) from GTA lines, grants, departmental endowments or other program funding. 

Initial application deadline: Friday Feb. 28, 2020

Nominations should include:

  1. Letter of nomination  (one paragraph is sufficient) indicating how the student will add to the diversity of your program and how the department plans on funding the student (through GTA, GRA, grant, etc.). 

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