DGS Meeting - February 17, 2017

    1. Graduate Student Services
         a. Writing Center - Dissertation Retreat (Cassie Book)
    2. Graduate Student Council
         a. Graduate Research Conference (GSC Representative) 
                   Conference Flyer
                   Research Conference Flyer
    3. Admission and Academic Policies
         a. Holistic Admissions and Diversity (Beth Boehm)
                  Guidelines for the Use of GRE Scores
                  Holistic Review of Graduate Admissions
         b. Admission Application Fee (Beth Boehm)
         c. Implication of Executive Order (Beth Boehm)
         d. Presidential Diversity Fellows Program (Beth Boehm)
                   Presidential Diversity Fellows Program
         e. Migration of the Graduate Catalog (Paul DeMarco)
         f.  Letters of Offer to Funded Students (Paul DeMarco)
         g. 2017 Orientation Dates (Libby Leggett)
         h. Department Websites (Libby Leggett)
                   Web Page Requirements
         i.  Application for Degree (Courtney Kerr)
    4. Recruitment
         a. Prospective Profile (Latonia Craig)
                   2016-2017 DGS Slides
                   2016-2017 DGS Slides
         b. Graduate Visitation Day (Latonia Craig)
                   Graduate Visitation Day
         c. DGS Consultations (Latonia Craig)
                   DGS 1 on1 Flyer 
         d. GRE Workshop (Latonia Craig)
                  GRE Workshop
    5. SIGS Activities, Events, and Opportunities
         a. 3 Minute Thesis (Michelle Rodems)
                   3 MT Flyer
         b. PLAN Overview (Michelle Rodems)
                   PLAN Overview DGS 2017
                   PLAN Overview DGS 2017
                   PLAN Overview DGS 2017 Handout
                   Deans Reception Save the Date
         c. Award Nominations (Jackie Fryer)
         d. Student Spotlight (Courtney Kerr)
                   Student Spotlight
         e. Doctoral Hooding and Graduation Ceremony (Courtney Kerr)
         f. Dates to Remember (Courtney Kerr)
                   Dates to Remember Spring 2017