Fall DGS Meeting Agenda


        1. Admission and Academic Policies
          1. Advanced Academic Writing Across Disciplines Course, English 599 (Andrea Olinger)
          2. Writing Center (Cassie Book)
          3. Notification of Residency (Beth Boehm)
          4. GRE Search Service (Beth Boehm)
          5. Recruitment Schedule (Latonia Craig) - Flyer
          6. Application for Degree (Courtney Kerr)
          7. Registration (Courtney Kerr)
          8. Doctoral/Masters Candidacy (Courtney Kerr)
          9. GS 799 Doctoral Exam Prep (Courtney Kerr/Beth Boehm)
          10. GTA Background Checks (Beth Boehm)
          11. GTA Letter of Offering (Beth Boehm)
          12. 20 Hour Workload , GA Waiver Request Form (Beth Boehm)
          13. Fellowship Letter Template
          14. Council of Graduate Schools Master’s Degree Project (Beth Boehm)
          15. External Review Process (Beth Boehm)
        2. Graduate Student Council
          1. 2016 – 2017 Initiatives (Adam King, GSC President) Flyer
        3. Funded Student
          1. Tuition remission cannot be used for Online courses (Beth Boehm) - Online Tuition Policy 
          2. Notification process when removing students from stipend lines (Beth Boehm)
          3. Fellowship Success Stories (Beth Boehm)
        4. SIGS Activities, Events, and Opportunities
          1. PLAN Overview (PowerPoint) (Michelle Rodems)
          2. GRE Workshop (Latonia Craig) - Flyer
          3. Fall Graduate School Informational (Latonia Craig) - Flyer
          4. Graduate Visitation Day (Latonia Craig) - Flyer
          5. Doctoral Hooding and Graduation Ceremony website link (Courtney Kerr)
          6. Award Nominations (Jackie Fryer)
            1. Call for Nomination of Student Awards for December 2016 Ceremony
            2. Dates to Remember