Free Health (Biometric) Screening

Biometric Screening - know your numbers!

Get Healthy Now offers one FREE health (biometric) screening per year to all UofL employees and their spouse/qualifying adult. The screening gives you a snapshot of your physical health profile. The information can be used to complete the online Health Assessment (HA). Employees can also use their primary care physician’s results from a physical completed within the last six months. The biometric screening will provide a reading of the following areas:

    • Body Mass Index (BMI)
    • Cholesterol
    • Glucose
    • Blood pressure
    • Waist-to-hip ratio



  • Annual completion of the online HA is required for participation in the Get Healthy Now program and to receive the $40 monthly premium incentive.
  • The biometric screening is optional.
  • Screening requires a 12-hour fasting period.


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