Get Healthy Now to implement small monthly fee

Get Healthy Now offers 51 wellness and holistic programs throughout all three campuses.

As the University of Louisville navigates an extreme budget shortfall, many departments and units have come up with a variety of creative solutions to stay afloat without making staff or programmatic cuts. Get Healthy Now is no different.

Starting immediately, the wellness center will switch to a fee-based membership of $15  a month for UofL faculty and staff. Members will be able to sign up for auto withdrawal through payroll if they so wish.

To offset the fee-based membership, GHN is opening up all the activity classes, including “specialty classes” (yoga, Pilates, etc.), to wellness center participants as part of the membership package. Also, incentives – such as a lower rate for those who visit the wellness center more frequently – are currently being explored to lessen the blow of this change.

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