Grocery Store Tips

It is so easy to make good selections in the grocery store, but with all the low priced, easily-accessed packaged foods it's just as easy to get distracted. Here are some suggestions that will help point you in the right direction around the grocery store!

Grocery Shopping on a Budget?Here are some quick tips to get started in a healthy direction.

  • Fill your plate with the right nutrients and benefit from healthy weight management, sustained energy, and a feeling of satisfaction from the inside has numerous resources to inspired a healthy plate for you and your family.


Ideas to Keep in Mind While You're Shopping:

  • Make a list and stick to it.
  • Know your store, don’t just visit every aisle aimlessly seeking what 'looks good.'
    • Take time to build a meal plan before you leave the house, have healthy recipes on hand, enjoy the process of shopping and preparing good food for yourself, family and friends.
  • Understand the food label.
    • Read labels: Identify items with high trans fat, hydrogenated oils, high amounts of sugar, saturated fat, lots of sodium, cholesterol. Look instead for fiber, good fats, protein, vitamins and calcium.
  • Don’t shop when hungry.
  • Allow time for shopping, avoid being rushed.
  • Plan a weekly menu and buy food accordingly.
  • Keep a list on your fridge of items you run out of.
  • Buy in bulk when it makes sense.
  • Go for whole foods.
  • Leave the kiddos at home: They will easily distract from the original list, so try not to take your kids shopping with you if possible.
  • Stay on the outside: Try to do the majority of your shopping from the perimeter of the store to get the freshest foods with the best nutrients.
  • Take a basket instead of a cart if you are only intending to buy a few items. This cuts down on poor food choices and extra expenses.