Yoga at Your Desk

Trying to release tension in your neck and shoulders can be a daily challenge if you spend a lot of time at a desk. Thanks to the generosity of experienced yoga instructor, Judi Rice, Get Healthy Now now delivers healthy back and neck stretches to you, right where you are! Whether you're at a desk, in a conference room, or in the comfort of your own home, take a stretch break! Be good to your body: release tension, ease anxiety, and get relief from aches and pains.

Try one of the following stretches today! (Most videos are less than 2 minutes in length)

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Seated Shoulder StretchSeated Neck & Shoulder ExercisesSeated Forearm StretchSeated Hip Stretch
Seated Shoulder & Back StretchStanding Back ArchSeated Wrist & Finger ExercisesStanding Shoulder & Hamstring Stretch
Seated Forward BendSeated Waist StretchSeated Shoulder, Forearm, & Wrist StretchStanding Quadricep Stretch
Seated Shoulder OpenerSeated Neck ExercisesSeated Posture AwarenessSeated Pelvic Tilt
Standing Shoulder & Chest StretchSeated Forward Bend


Seated Twist
Seated Elbow StretchSeated Side StretchSeated Eye ExercisesGraciously provided by Judi Rice
Seated Shoulder ShrugsStanding Forward BendSeated RelaxationAll rights reserved

Video Transcriptions