GHN Wellness Coaching Certification

GHN Wellness Coaching Certification:  As of June 2016, the UofL Get Healthy Now Wellness Coaching program is qualified as an Approved Transition Program through the International Consortium for Health & Wellness Coaching (ICHWC).  Successful graduates meet the eligibility requirements (for the Transition Phase) to sit for the HWC Certifying Examination required for health & wellness coaches to become National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coaches (NBC-HWC). 

UofL GHN has met the ICHWC criteria and is approved to certify Program Completion and Practical Skills of Health & Wellness Coaches.  This designation is extremely important, because starting sometime in 2020, individuals cannot call themselves Health & Wellness Coach unless they have been assessed by and ICHWC Approved Transition Program.   Get Healthy Now is on the cutting- edge in this area and providing campus and community members this unique credentialing opportunity. 

For more information about the UofL Get Healthy Now Wellness Coaching program, please contact Paula Kommor at or 502.852.0128.


Kyle Versalle, first ever to receive his completion certificate for the GHN Wellness Coaching Program and Wellness Coaching instructor, Paula Kommor!