Wellness Coaching

A confidential partnership between client and coach that facilitates insight, elicits client-generated strategies and motivates client to achieve wellness goals.



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Using Your Strengths to Propel Your Future

Through wellness coaching you will identify your wellness priorities while working one-on-one with a wellness coach intern.  Your coach will use behavior change tools to empower you to take charge, connect with your motivators, and learn goal setting strategies.

What is Coaching?




  • Creates a powerful partnership between client and the coach
  • Provides support, guidance, and encouragement; free of judgment
  • Facilitates change by focusing on your past successes and strengths.


What to expect in your coaching sessions:

Wellness coaching can help you improve your:

  • Exercise, eating, and sleep habits
  • Fun time, 'me' time, and relaxation time
  • Connectedness to family, friends, and colleagues
  • Actions that align with your values and beliefs
  • Creativity and problem-solving


To get involved; you have 2 main options:

Get Healthy Now Wellness Coaching Programs

PRIMARY (Main) SECONDARY (Supplement)
Coaching Program: Empowered Health Coaching Program Get Healthy Now on‐site
Wellness Coaching Program
Qualifier for $40 Monthly Premium Incentive Yes No
Eligibility Criteria Employees enrolled in UofL’s medical
plan AND in Get Healthy Now (requires
annual completion of HRA*).
All employees are eligible, even those
who waive the University’s medical
Delivery Method Telephonic / Electronic message board In‐person (face‐to‐face)
Premium Incentive
Participation is required only if HRA
indicates medium‐to‐high health risk.
Maintain monthly contact with
Empowered Health Coach.
Meet for 8 sessions in 1 semester.
Coaches Health Fitness Corporation
Certified Health Coaches.
UofL wellness coaching interns pursuing an
Interdisciplinary Wellness Coaching
 supervised by certified wellness coaching staff.

    * Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

    Not interested in individual coaching? Learn more about:

    •    Group Wellness Coaching


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