Wellness Coaching Opportunities

Wellness Coaching Opportunities for the Greater Louisville Community

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Plant a powerful seed for a higher performing work force...

Partner with a Get Healthy Now Wellness Coach Intern


Wellness Coaching Works:

  • Based on research studies,coaching:
    • Reduces healthcare costs, absenteeism, employee turnover, and burnout
    • Increases the bottom-line, morale, creativity, and innovation
    • Improves employee’s leadership, communication, and inter-personal skills more than management training
    • Creates a meaningful difference in learning, job performance, and organizational results

The Evidence for Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare

Margaret Moore, Founder & CEO Wellcoaches Corporation

Co-director, Institute of Coaching ICF 2009 Annual International Conference


Your commitment involves:

  • Providing a site supervisor
  • Securing a private room (for coaching), a locked filing cabinet, and minimal office supplies

Wellness Coaching Interns have successfully completed:

  • Rigorous application and interview process
  • Intense wellness coaching curriculum:
    • NUR 201–Wellness Coaching
    • NUR 301--on-site Wellness Coaching Internship
    • CITI Human Research Curriculum Completion
    • HIPAA Privacy and Security Course

Weekly supervision & oversight of interns by:


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