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Learn strategies for creating healthy behavior change in people -- whether it’s to upgrade your own health habits, gain a better understanding of how human behavior really works, or increase usage of your products/services.

Join UofL Alumni and former Get Healthy Now staff member, Stephanie Weldy, for this interactive session where she will introduce you to a system called Behavior Design developed by Stanford University by behavior scientist BJ Fogg, PhD.

Stephanie has been trained by Dr. BJ Fogg to deliver his ground-breaking work that has helped thousands of people form positive health habits. She works as his Innovation Project Manager and assists Dr. Fogg in industry trainings for innovators from all around the world.

Stephanie is part of Dr. Fogg’s hand-selected Teaching Team that delivers this keynote across the globe to innovative thinkers, entrepreneurs, educators, and beyond.

Attendees Will Learn:

  • New models of behavior
  • New methods for design
  • How to stop a behavior
  • Why big leaps often fail
  • What causes behavior
  • Three ways to make behavior easier to do
  • For lasting change, what’s more important than motivation
  • How to troubleshoot behavior change systematically
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