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On Demand Services

e – x – h – a – l – e

  • Learn practical stress solutions to take back control of your life
  • Learn and practice proven techniques including:  visualization, deep breathing, biofeedback and life balance


  • KORU Teaser (20-minute introducation)
  • KORU Basic
  • KORU 2
  • KORU silent retreat

Got Grit Resiliency Training

  • Based on Dr. Susan Duckworth’s Harvard research

Group Wellness Coaching

  • Make powerful choices to become your best self with a certified wellness coach’s facilitation and the wisdom and support of a group.
  • In this group setting, design and implement a successful action plan to live the future of your dreams now. 

Science of Happiness – Research-Based Techniques to Flourish

  • Created from the research of Dr Martin Seligman.

Take 10 to relax sessions –

  • 10-minute hands-on relaxation sessions

OMM – One Mindful Moment (in collaboration with the SOM)

  • 20-minute mindfulness sessions

Chair yoga/Yoga at your desk