Smoking Cessation Success Stories

Perry's Story:


As he stood on stage talking about the individual health behaviors that effect the health outcomes, he said, “…if you smoke, the single biggest thing you can do to change your health outcomes is, to quit smoking.  Changes in other habits have limited benefits if you continue to smoke.”

As these words came out of Perry’s mouth, he felt the need to commit himself to stop smoking.  With the help of his health coach, Perry was able to contemplate the different aspects associated with stopping the nicotine habit. Within one month, he had stopped smoking entirely.

Now, after ten months of living a smoke-free lifestyle, Perry heartily says: “By living smoke-free,  I have improved my health, and the lives and health of my loved ones.”

Thank you, Get Healthy Now, for putting me on that stage and providing me with the support I needed to make the changes I knew I needed to make!

Perry Clark
Office of Community Engagement


An Encouraging Letter:

There were many barriers to my desire to become a non-smoker, but all were removed when I discovered that my Flex Spending would pay for the patches and the Get Healthy Now Program was offering Cooper Clayton Smoking Cessation classes.  My sister, who was a former smoker, was also an inspiration to me.

After a year of living a smoke-free life, my first attempt to quit was challenged by an unexpected life event that caused me to revert to my old ways.  Fortunately, my desire to quit was greater than my desire to smoke, and I reengaged my efforts with the support of Get Healthy Now. 

Farrah Spellman, Copper Clayton class facilitator, was very encouraging and helped me to realize that it typically takes several attempts to quit before living life as a non-smoker.  Farrah also shared the multiple resources and support that are available through the University of Louisville.

Through the Get Healthy Now program and their professional staff, I found encouragement to become a non-smoker and stay on track about nutrition habits, too.  Since the completion of my last smoking cessation class, I've gained strength and a positive attitude towards reaching my goals.

I feel this program and the dedicated staff of Get Healthy Now have changed my life and have given me a healthy and longer life with my family. I feel fortunate to have these resource made available through the workplace and hope that others will find my story to be an inspiration in helping them achieve their goal of living life as a nonsmoker.

Thank you Farrah and thank you UofL for helping me achieve my goal!
Anonymous Former Smoker


Deb’s story:

I took one of the first Cooper Clayton Smoking Cessation classes offered by Get Healthy Now; that was the first time I quit. Yep, I fell off the train: smoked a cigarette thinking I could handle it.  Turns out: nope, I couldn't handle it and smoked for about another year.

I joined another Cooper Clayton class with Get Healthy Now and successfully quit again.  I thought to myself, “This time it has to stick.” That was about four years ago.  Ever so often, I have to tell myself, "I DON'T DO THAT ANYMORE" when I have a smoking thought.  It has worked out very well for me. 

Why you ask? I don't want to lose those years at the end of my life; I don't want to be tied to an oxygen tank during my final years; I don't want to smell like smoke, taste like smoke, or cough anymore.  That's what motivates me!

Deborah J Kalbfleisch


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