French MA Program Information

The Masters Degree in French seeks to provide students who would like to explore professional opportunities in teaching, translation, international affairs, etc. or pursue their studies at the doctoral level, with an in-depth knowledge of the French language as well as French and francophone cultures as part of a multidisciplinary approach to French Studies grounded in literature, linguistics, cultural studies and media studies.

Prerequisite for admission to the French MA program is the ability to read, comprehend, speak, and write the language with advanced-level proficiency. Any undergraduate major is acceptable for admission; however, students without the equivalent of a major in French may be required to take preparatory courses prior to being admitted to the French MA program.

The French MA requires 30 hours of academic work in French at the graduate level and is usually completed in four semesters (excluding summers). At least 18 of the 30 hours must be in courses open to graduate students only (i.e., courses at the 600 level) and at least 24 of the 30 hours must be completed at the University of Louisville. Most courses are offered in late afternoon or evening. Barring exceptional circumstances, students have a maximum of six years from the date of admission to obtain their French MA.

As part of the French MA program, students are required to spend at least one month in a French-speaking country, which they traditionally do during the summer between their first and second years. Students can fulfill the requirement by participating in the long-standing summer Work-Exchange Program the University of Louisville has with the city of Montpellier, France. Internal grants are available to assist students with the cost of their trip. After consultation with the Director of Graduate Studies in French, it may be possible to find an appropriate substitution for this requirement.

Students can complete the French MA program as part of a combined BA/MA program in French.

For more information about the French MA Program, please contact:
Dr. Bonnie Fonseca-Greber,
Director of Graduate Studies in French
bonnie.fonsecagreber (@)