Book-in-Common (BinC) is an opportunity for all new students to come to campus with at least one shared experience: that of reading the same book. It’s always a great starting point for conversation, and the variety of perspectives reflects the diversity of opinions and experiences that comprise our UofL community. Book-in-Common is about more than just reading; what really brings those pages to life are the different conversations and events that take place all year.

A community-wide reading for UofL’s entire campus, BinC brings together students, faculty, and staff who read and explore a common text which is incorporated into courses across disciplines. To enhance classroom learning, BinC partners with campus and local community members to host a year-long event series aimed at highlighting the themes and issues raised throughout the text.

Through related programming, Book-in-Common

  • increases student-faculty interaction and helps build community among new students.
  • connects in-class and out-of-class experiences.
  • creates opportunities for interdisciplinary and active and collaborative learning.
  • develops students’ critical thinking skills.
  • addresses complex issues relevant to our students’ transitions to college and to our community at large.
  • promotes self-discovery and exploration of diverse ways of thinking and being.