Guide for Scholarship Organizations

Issuance of Checks for Student Scholarship Payments

Mail scholarship checks for students at the University of Louisville directly to the Student Financial Aid Office at the following address:

Student Financial Aid Office
Attn: Fiscal, Operational, and Scholarship Management Team
University of Louisville
Houchens Building, Room 110
Louisville, KY  40292

Make checks payable to the University of Louisville. Include a student identifier directly on the check when possible. Checks must always be accompanied by additional information, such as

  • a unique identifier in addition to the student's name
  • restrictions and/or disbursement eligibility requirements
  • academic year and/or semester payment is to be applied
  • organization contact for eligibility and refund inquiries

Eligibility Verification Requests

Requests for verification of eligibility must be directed to the scholarship recipient.  The University of Louisville's Student Portal Network (ULink) provides an excellent mechanism for students to provide documentation from a university source to certify essential eligibility requirements, such as enrollment, tuition & fees, and financial aid package information. When direct certification of information from the Student Financial Aid Office is necessary, scholarship recipients may be directed to contact the Student Financial Aid Office for assistance to comply with an organization's request for the purpose of scholarship disbursement. In no case is the Student Financial Aid Office authorized to release information directly to an organization with or without student consent.  Delivery of required information to scholarship-granting organizations is made directly via the scholarship recipient and only when the release of information to the scholarship recipient is in compliance with the Student Financial Aid Office's explicit consent standards established for this purpose.

How may we assist you?

Email service for students, communications and all resource information directed to students

A dedicated student and communication service account is monitored by a team equipped to provide assistance to students.

Email Financial Aid Service at:

Call Center

A dedicated call center is available to assist with all phone inquiries.

Call Student Financial Aid at: (502) 852-5511

Email service for administrative partners only

A dedicated operations service account is monitored by a team equipped to provide assistance to administrative partners.

Email Financial Aid Operations at:

Need more help?

Contact a member of the Student Financial Aid Fiscal, Operational, and Scholarship Management Team.

Brittini Wise 502.852.1369 | Whitley Gray 502.852.9017