The forms below are just some of the financial aid forms used by our Office. You must be a U of L student with a user id to access some of these forms. Additional financial aid forms are listed on your ULink To Do List. You will be notified by our office if a ULink form is needed to complete your financial aid application.

Part-Time Aid Adjustment

Part-Time Aid Adjustment Form

**As of August 28th, 2014, the Part-Time Adjustment form is no longer available. For students enrolled less than full-time, budget and aid adjustments will begin following the 100% add/drop date of August 29th.**

At U of L, most aid awards are projected for full-time enrollment. If you are a financial aid recipient and you plan to enroll less than full-time you may submit this form to our office to have your financial aid adjusted. Regardless, all students' enrollment will be reviewed and aid adjusted if required, following the last day to drop/add for the term. You will be responsible for repaying any funds you are not eligible to receive as a result of a change with Student Records (enrolled hours, college, or residency) or in your financial aid data.

If you are a Stafford Loan recipient only, you do not need to complete the Part-Time Adjustment form. Please keep in mind, you must be enrolled at least half-time to receive Stafford Loans.


Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form


This is an appeal form to print, complete, and submit to our office. If you fail to meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy because of extenuating circumstances, you may appeal to the Student Aid Committee for an exception to the policy. While you may or may not be able to continue your education without financial assistance, this is not a reason that will be considered. When an appeal involves FAYE factors, you must state the expected graduation date and number of hours needed to complete the current degree and have a supporting letter from their academic advisor. This appeal has no impact on other types of appeals (academic department, admissions, reinstatement, etc.).

Report Other Aid

Report Other Aid Form


This is not an application form. Use this form to report up to six other financial aid resources which are not listed with the Student Financial Aid Office. University scholarship recipients and students applying for federal student aid programs MUST report this information each year. Examples: departmental scholarships, employee tuition remission, outside scholarships, third party assistance, housing benefits or assistance, Metropolitan College benefits, etc

GRE Fee Reduction Certificate Request

GRE Fee Reduction Certificate Request

The Student Financial Aid Office works with Education Testing Services (ETS) to provide GRE Fee Reduction Certificates to eligible enrolled college seniors or unenrolled college graduates.

To request a 2012-2013 GRE Fee Reduction Certificate please complete the form above and click submit. For your eligibility to be established, you must have filed a 2012-2013 FAFSA, listing the University of Louisville as one of your schools.


Scholarship Appeal Form

Scholarship Appeal Form

Scholarship students who do not earn a cumulative 3.0 GPA (or a cumulative 2.75 GPA for Porter Half-Tuition Scholarship recipients) can submit an appeal. Students who have used eight semesters of scholarship eligibility (or eleven semesters if in the Speed Scientific School) can submit an appeal for additional semesters of eligibility.

Scholarship students should check their university e-mail account frequently. Students should not, however, rely solely on an e-mail notification. Scholarship students are ultimately responsible for checking to determine whether or not they meet the conditions for scholarship renewal.

Scholarship Reinstatement Form

Scholarship Reinstatement Form (Trustees, Porter, and National Scholars)

Students who have previously lost a scholarship due to not meeting eligibility requirements may qualify for scholarship reinstatement.

Student Parent Feedback

Student and Parent Feedback Form

This form is intended to collect for review your comments, complaints, or suggestions to improve our customer service. An email will be sent to Assistant Director for Customer Service, Mike Abboud. You may choose to include as much detail as you like in the form above. If you want a response from Mr. Abboud, please indicate that option on the form. Please allow 5-7 business days for a response. If you have questions about your financial aid, please email us.

Tuition Waiver for Foster and Adopted Children

This form is for the tuition waiver policy established by the Kentucky Legislature (KRS Chapter 164.2487). It is for Kentucky foster and adopted children affiliated with the Cabinet for Families and Children (CFC) or the Department for Juvenile Justice (DJJ).

Print the Tuition Waiver for Foster and Adopted Children form and mail it to Cabinet for Families and Children Office (address is located in Section 3 of the form). It must be signed by the student and certified by the CFC and a current year FAFSA must be on file.

Tuition Waiver for Supervising/Resource Teachers

To apply, you must complete the Tuition Benefit Application. It should be completed by the supervising teacher, certified by their principal, and returned to our office. Return the form to the Student Financial Aid Office at U of L, attention: Rachel Kirk.

This form refers to the tuition benefit policy established by the Kentucky Legislature (KRS Chapter 164.2845) that states:

In recognition of valuable service to the preparation of teachers and the need for all teachers to have
continual professional growth, a supervising teacher or a resource teacher for teacher interns may, with prior approval of the course-offering institution, take a maximum of six (6) credit hours per term at any public postsecondary institution and pay no tuition. The postsecondary institution shall waive the tuition for up to a maximum of six (6) credit hours.