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November 2010 e-Newsletter

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This is the 18th edition of the Financial Aid e-Newsletter. This publication is primarily for undergraduate and graduate students. It will help keep you informed of upcoming deadlines and financial aid news throughout the year. You can access past e-Newsletters online at:

Our goal is to receive and disburse all available financial aid so that residual (excess) funds will be available prior to the start of classes. Read this e-newsletter to be informed on Spring 2011 financial aid requirements, processing, procedures, and more!

In this edition:

(1) Get Ready to File Your FAFSA
(2) Spring 2011 Aid Disbursement, Higher One, and Residual Funds
(3) Spring 2011 Financial Aid Advance
(4) Understanding Census Date
(5) Scholarships
(6) Part-Time Aid Adjustment
(7) Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Reminder
(8) College Goal Sunday
(9) KEES On Track to Graduate
(10) ACG/SMART Grant Update
(11) Income-Based Repayment Plan
(12) Teach For America
(13) IT to Implement New Email System
(14) Your Financial Aid Counselor
(15) Looking Ahead: Upcoming Important Dates


Get Ready to File Your FAFSA

January 1 is just around the corner, which means it is almost time to file your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the 2011-2012 school year.  Please be aware that the priority deadline for filing in Kentucky has changed!  Students—especially Kentucky residents who are undergraduates and Pell-eligible —should now file their FAFSA AS SOON AS POSSIBLE after January 1 to be considered for limited state funding.  Also, the University of Louisville will be using February 15 as the priority deadline for consideration of institutional funds, so file early!

When completing the FAFSA, you will use your 2010 federal tax return.  If you have not completed your federal taxes before filing the FAFSA, you can still submit your application using best estimates.  After your taxes have been completed, you should correct any income or tax information that is different from what you initially submitted on your FAFSA.

Spring 2011 Aid Disbursement, Higher One, and Residual Funds

Aid Disbursement
Once the Student Financial Aid Office completes a review of your eligibility, we will electronically disburse all available financial aid funds to the Bursar's Office to post to your account.  Disbursed financial aid that exceeds your balance owed to the university is considered residual funds.  Some financial aid programs (such as the Kentucky KEES, ACG Grant, SMART Grant, TEACH Grant) have later disbursement dates.

Higher One
The University of Louisville contracts with Higher One (an outside company that specializes in student refund payment services) to deliver all residual funds to students.  With Higher One you can request either direct deposit of your residual funds to a free Higher One checking account with a debit card or direct deposit to your personal bank account.  Students whose personal bank accounts are with a bank without Louisville area branches should consider a direct deposit to a free Higher One checking account since there are several Higher One ATMs located on campus.

Our first spring 2011 disbursement of available undergraduate and graduate financial aid funds to the Bursar's Office is scheduled for January 5.  Students can monitor account activity on ULink (listed under Tuition, Fees, Payment Options on the Student Services tab) to see disbursed funds and to verify residual funds have been transmitted to Higher One.

Residual Funds
The first electronic file of residual funds from the January 5 disbursement is scheduled to be sent to Higher One by January 6.  Disbursement of financial aid funds, application of those funds to student accounts, and transmission of residual funds to Higher One may occur several times for students as funds become available prior to and during the semester.

Generally, funds are available the day after disbursement for students who selected a Higher One checking account.  The earliest date residual funds would be received by students who have set their refund preference to a Higher One checking account is January 6.  The earliest date residual funds would be received by students who have set their refund preference to be an ACH transfer to a personal bank account is January 7.  Students will receive an e-mail notification from Higher One once their residual funds have been received and processed according to their selected delivery preference.

New Students
Following your spring 2011 registration, you should receive a mailing containing your UofL OneCard. You can view the status of this mailing online at:  If you misplaced this letter or you previously received the mailing and discarded it, you may call Higher One at 1-877-663-5959.  Confirm your address information is correct in ULink before requesting this mailing.  To learn more about the UofL OneCard and setting up your refund preference, visit the Bursar's Office website or Higher One.

Spring 2011 Financial Aid Advance

The Financial Aid Advance will be offered again this spring 2011 via ULink in coordination with the Bursar’s Office. To qualify, your anticipated aid (aid that has not disbursed) must exceed your bill. Students who have been sent residual funds of $500 dollars or more may not receive an advance. The maximum advance amount is $450 and there is a $5 processing fee. Undergraduates and graduates may begin applying and printing the advance request form from ULink on January 7. Please note that the Bursar's Office has the final approval on each advance and the print-out is valid until 5:00 PM the next business day.

Understanding Census Date

Financial Aid from most federal and state aid programs is based on a student's enrollment as of census date each semester. Census date is the last day to drop at 100% tuition credit. Waitlisted courses are not included in a student's enrolled hours.

After the published census date, aid adjustments are made for the term and no other adjustments will be made for enrollment changes, unless a student withdraws from all courses. To ensure proper posting of your financial aid awards, please be sure you are registered for the correct number of hours as of census date. The census date for the Spring 2011 semester is January 14.


Check our website for applications and information regarding current scholarship opportunities. Monitor our website on a regular basis for updated outside and university scholarship information.  Many scholarship opportunities will become available beginning January 1 and our website will have details and applications for these at that time.  These scholarship opportunities will have a deadline of April 15, 2011.

The Continuing Undergraduate Academic Scholarship application will be available beginning January 1, 2011. This scholarship will be for the Fall 2011 and Spring 2012 academic period and is restricted to students seeking their first bachelor’s degree, who meet the academic eligibility criteria, and do not have a scholarship through the Office of Admissions.  The deadline to apply for the 2011-2012 Continuing Undergraduate Scholarship is March 15, 2011. For more on this scholarship, visit our scholarship webpage: Scholarships.

Part-Time Aid Adjustment

If you have finalized your Spring 2011 enrollment and you are attending less than full-time, then you may submit a Spring 2011 Part-Time Aid Adjustment Form. By submitting this form, you are requesting we proceed with making any necessary adjustments to your financial aid according to your current enrollment. The Spring 2011 Part-Time Aid Adjustment Form is available online.

If you attend less than full-time and do not submit this form, then the adjustment and disbursement of your aid (based on your enrollment) will be delayed.

The Federal Pell Grant cannot be adjusted for classes added after the Spring 2011 census date of January 14.

If you drop classes during the 100% tuition refund period, your aid will be reviewed for necessary adjustments. If you withdraw from all your classes, your aid may be canceled and you may owe all or a portion of your residual funds back to the university. We also encourage students to familiarize themselves with the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy to maintain their federal and state aid eligibility.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Reminder

It is a good time to familiarize yourself with our Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy. We review all students annually every May. This policy is unique to financial aid and includes a minimum GPA requirement, minimum completed hours requirement (FEH), and has a maximum credit hour limit towards completing your degree (FAYE). We must monitor student academic progress for continued federal and state aid eligibility. Even though the Student Financial Aid Office evaluates SAP once per year, it is imperative students keep track of hours taken and cumulative GPA each semester.
Students who are in danger of not meeting SAP by the May 2011 review by the end of the fall semester, may receive a SAP warning notification informing them of potential non-compliance.  Information about SAP compliance can be found on our website at:

An Example of a SAP Situation
If a student drops all Fall 2010 hours after receiving federal financial aid and enrolls in the Spring 2011 semester, the student will be required to earn all of the required number of hours for both semesters during spring to satisfy the SAP standard.
If you need academic assistance, please consult your academic advisor and/or the REACH Office.

If you have any concerns about SAP, please contact the Student Financial Aid Office.

College Goal Sunday

If you have family or friends in Kentucky that need assistance in filing the FAFSA, we encourage you to invite them to attend College Goal Sunday on January 30 at 2:00 pm. College Goal Sunday is an event held around the state offering free, professional help in completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. More information and a list of sites around Kentucky is available online at

KEES On Track to Graduate

The Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship (KEES) has been revised to include new renewal criteria that must be met in order to continue to receive KEES money. KEES has been revised to include an "on track to graduate" renewal criteria that must be evaluated at the end of every spring semester. As soon as the university has finalized its policy on these new criteria we will notify the entire student population. The new "on track to graduate" renewal criteria will be implemented and used to make KEES awards for the 11-12 aid year. Please monitor our website for more details as they become available.

ACG/SMART Grant Update

Remember, 2010-2011 will be the last award year the Department of Education will fund the ACG and SMART Grant programs.  Students receiving ACG/SMART in 2010-11 will NOT receive any ACG/SMART after this year.  If you are a student who may have had remaining eligibility after 2010-11, you must realize you will no longer have this aid resource going forward.  Please contact our office at 502-852-5511 if you have any questions or concerns regarding this aid program.

Income-Based Repayment Plan

Income-Based Repayment (IBR) caps monthly federal loan payments at an affordable level based on your income and family size, and forgives any debt and interest that remains after 25 years. If you owe more on your federal student loans than you earn in a year, you can probably benefit from IBR. The lower your income, the lower your monthly payment will be (in some cases, as low as $0). IBR is available for almost all federal loans - past, present, or future - made by any lender, for undergraduate or graduate school.

If you work in a government, nonprofit, or other public service job, you could have your remaining student loan debt forgiven after just 10 years of IBR, or certain other payments. Your loans have to be in the federal Direct Loan Program to qualify, but the 10 years don't have to be consecutive. You just need to make a total of 120 payments while working full-time for a public or nonprofit employer, starting on or after October 1, 2007.

For more information, including a simple calculator to estimate monthly payments, please visit

Teach For America

Attention Graduating Seniors! University of Louisville students can land a leadership position right out of college. Teach for America is building the movement to eliminate educational inequity by calling upon our nation's most promising future leaders, outstanding recent college graduates of all backgrounds and academic majors, to commit two years to teach in urban and rural public schools as full time paid teachers.

Through Teach For America, U of L students can make an immediate impact on the lives of children growing up in low-income areas. They can also gain the insight, network, and credibility to effect long-term change, and position themselves for success regardless of the profession they ultimately pursue. Learn more at or contact Colleen Crawford at

IT to Implement New Email System

Students, Faculty, and Staff at the University of Louisville will be moving to a new email system in the coming months.  University email accounts will be switched to “CardMail” provided by Microsoft Outlook Live to replace the current GroupWise system.

Over the next several months Information Technology will be implementing this change and will assist students with the transition.  You will have access to a larger inbox along with other enhancements that will make communicating with others easier and simpler.  For more information about this change, please visit IT’s website

Your Financial Aid Counselor

Last Name A-G:
Samantha Goodin

Last Name H-O
Monique Green

Last Name P-Z
Cedric Trigg

Looking Ahead: Upcoming Important Dates


November 25-28
Thanksgiving Break—No Classes, Offices Closed

December 8
Extended Tuesday and Wednesday Office Hours End Until January

December 3
Last Day To Request A Financial Aid Professional Judgment

Professional judgment requests may be made beginning in January after your 2010 federal tax returns have been filed

December 10
Priority Date To Accept An Offered Stafford Loan For Spring 2011

December 24 - January 2
Office Closed

January 1, 2011
The 2011-2012 FAFSA will be available to file online at

January 7
First Day To Apply For ULink Financial Aid Advance

February 15
University of Louisville Priority Date for Filing the FAFSA

Additional important dates are available online.


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