Step 4: My Bill

Billing is handled by the Bursar's Office. In some cases, you will receive your bill notice prior to being awarded. This can occur if you do not file the FAFSA early or do not complete and submit requested documentation. For more information on billing, visit the Bursar's Office website.

It is important your bill be settled by the due date designated on your bill. If your awarded financial aid (also known as anticipated aid) for the term is not enough to cover all your charges, you will need to pay or make arrangements with the Bursar’s Office to settle your remaining balance by the due date. Other methods for setting your account are available on the Bursar's Office website.

To view your account with the Bursar’s Office, on ULink click on Account under the Tuition, Fees, Payment Options section. Once accessed you will be able view your charges, disbursed financial aid, residual funds, and undisbursed financial aid (called anticipated aid).


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