Step 3: Award Notification

Once your financial aid file is complete and you are admitted to U of L, our office will review your eligibility for all federal student aid programs. Each year, federal award notifications for first-time freshmen are scheduled to be mailed in late April, and to continuing students are scheduled to receive notification by e-mail in early June. Scholarship award letters are sent earlier depending on the program. If you need a federal award estimate, use the FAFSA4caster. High school seniors can get an estimate of their costs and financial aid available by using our new net price calculator. First-time freshmen will receive an award letter in the mail in addition to an e-mail. All other students will receive an e-mail award notification.

We award students assuming they are attending at full-time status (12 credit hours a semester for undergraduates and 9 credit hours for graduate/professionals). The Undergraduate Part-Time Aid Calculator will assist those undergraduates who are considering attending less than full-time and have aid that will be adjusted to their enrollment. Graduate/professional students must be enrolled at least 4.5 hours to process a Stafford Loan.

Your award notification will direct you to your ULink account to review, accept, reduce, or decline your financial aid awards. Acceptance is not required for grants and scholarships. View our ULink tutorials for assistance on navigating that website. The notification will also direct you to My Award Letter for specific information and steps you need to complete in order to process your financial aid.

  • We award students entering fall with both fall and spring financial aid. Students entering spring or attending summer must be registered for classes in addition to having a complete financial aid application to be awarded.
  • Review My Award Letter for more information on the award notification process and also how to compare award letters from different schools.


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