Attendance and Leave Records

Time and Attendance Records Policy

A record of all absences, whether with or without pay, must be maintained for all professional and administrative employees. Accurate daily attendance and leave records must be maintained for all classified employees. These records are to be based on the number of hours actually worked, not the number of hours scheduled to work. The following criteria should be followed when daily record keeping is required:

    • Time must be recorded on a daily basis.
    • Hours must be recorded during each work shift, accurately indicating all “in” and “out” times.
    • Hours worked must be totaled daily and weekly for the determination of overtime eligibility.
    • All New Time and Attendance forms must be approved by the Associate Vice President for Finance/Controller.
    • All records must be certified and submitted by the employee to authorize correctness of the work reported.
    • All time should be reviewed by a supervisor or department head to the extent necessary to provide assurance that time submitted was accurate. Time sheets may be used or alternative means (i.e. reconciliation of programs, manual certification maintained in the department, or other reasonable means) depending on the classification of employee and nature of work being performed.


Completing the Attendance and Leave Record for Classified (non-exempt) Employees:

    • Summarize the total hours worked each day by calculating the elapsed hours and minutes between the “IN” and “OUT” times.
    • Total the compensation hours each day and post the daily total to the appropriate earnings type(s).
    • At the end of each week, summarize the hours by earnings type.
    • Determine if straight-time or time-and-one-half overtime compensation is required.
      • Each week of the biweekly pay period remains independent for the determination of overtime eligibility, and overtime should be calculated whenever the hours exceed the normal work week for straight overtime, or hours worked exceed 40 hours for time-and-one-half premium.  This does not include exempt employees.
    • Enter in the summary total section the appropriate hours for week number one and week number two by earnings type.  The weekly and biweekly totals should balance with the summary total of the hours posted to the various earnings types.
    • The Attendance and Leave Record must be approved by the individual employee and the individual’s immediate supervisor.

The Office of Finance and Administration serves all eligible faculty, staff, and students regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age.

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