Reporting Leave for Classified Staff

Each unit must provide the Payroll Office an accurate biweekly accounting of hours actually worked, hours absent but charged to accumulated vacation, sick, or personal leave, and hours absent but excused with pay.  This reporting must include shift differentials and overtime paid to eligible classified staff. Temporary staff are not eligible for staff administrative leave with pay, permanent staff must work at least 50% of the normal working hours for the department in which they are employed.

Administrative Leave with Pay

COM - Compensatory Time: Pay for time that is owed to an employee for working more than the normal work hours during a pay period. Time is paid at straight time and records should be maintained by the individual department granting the time off.

CPA - Compelling Personal Absence: Personal Leave Policy

HOL - Holiday Leave Policy

MIL - Military Leave Policy

SCK - Regular Sick Leave

SCL - Terminal Sick Leave (Lump Payout) and SCT - Terminal Sick Leave (Periodic Payout): Up to 30 days of unused sick leave paid at the time of an employee's death or retirement from the University.

SLV - Supervisor Approved Leave: Compensation paid to classified staff for various University-approved leaves including,

Bereavement Leave

Education Leave

Election (Voting Leave)

Court/Jury Duty

Parental Leave

Hazardous/Severe Weather Leave

Workers Compensation

VAC - Regular Annual Leave

VAL - Terminal Annual Leave (Lump Sum Payout) and VAT - Terminal Annual Leave (Periodic Payout): Unused annual leave paid to eligible staff, with at least six months of continuous and creditable service, upon separation from the University. Payment is made in the earliest pay period possible following separation and is paid at the employee's current pay rate.

The Office of Finance and Administration serves all eligible faculty, staff, and students regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age.

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