Travel Voucher Instructions

Travel Voucher Revised January 2015 (xlsm)

Extended Travel Voucher Revised January 2015 (xlsm)

Instructions to Complete and Verify the Travel Voucher

The new travel voucher is very similar to the previous form.  The main changes are edits that have been built “behind the scenes”.  These edits are designed to decrease the number of errors that can be made when completing the form.

The new voucher should be used for regular domestic travel.  The extended form should be used for trips that include more than 3 destinations, trips over 10 days in duration and for mileage-only claims.

At this time, a new travel voucher for foreign travel has not been created.  For now, please use the existing forms for international travel.

Please make sure that you “Enable Macros” when opening the new voucher.  Otherwise, the form will not work properly.

You will notice a button on the form labeled “Verify Voucher” in the top left corner.  This button should be clicked after the voucher is completed with all the appropriate information and expenses.  When verifying, any field that is highlighted in red is an error and will need to be corrected.

Please follow these steps to complete the voucher:

1. Header/Title Page:

    • Enter the status of the traveler – employee or student. Only 1 button should be checked in this box.  For students who are on the University’s payroll system, please click “employee”.
    • Enter the date the voucher is being completed.
    • Enter the traveler’s employee or student ID number.
    • Enter the traveler’s name, workstation at the University and personal address.
    • Enter the traveler’s department name, departmental contact person and phone number.
    • Enter the departure and return dates.Enter the departure and return times.
    • Enter the departure city (Louisville appears by default – you can change this if necessary) and the destination city. 
      Please enter this information on the first line only for a basic roundtrip. For example, for a trip to Dallas, TX, only list Louisville to Dallas on the first line. Do not list Dallas back to Louisville on the second line. We know it’s roundtrip, use the second and third lines only if there were other destination cities.
    • Enter the purpose of the trip. (Example: Attend ABC Conference)

**To begin filling out the other pages, maximized the document window on your screen so you can see all tabs at the bottom of the document.

2. Meals Page:

    • Enter the dates for all the days that you will be claiming meals.
    • Select the state from the drop down menu.
    • Select the city from the drop down menu or you can select “other” if your specific destination city is not listed.
    • The maximum daily rate for that location will appear. Please determine which meals your traveler is eligible for and enter the individual amounts by meal.  For a breakdown of rates by meal, please consult the chart at the bottom of the page.
    • Select an account code from the drop down menu. Based upon the destination of your trip, you will only see “In-state” OR “Out-Of-State” in the drop down menu of account codes. If you had a trip that included KY cities and other out of state cities, you will see both In-State and Out-Of-State codes.
    • Do not include any meals on this page that were provided to the traveler at no charge or for any meals that were included in the conference registration fee.

3. Mileage Page:

    • Reminders on this page – only claim mileage for a personal vehicle – not rental cars. Please do not submit gasoline receipts if you claim mileage.
    • Enter the dates for all the days that you will be claiming mileage.
    • Select an account code from the drop down menu.
    • Enter the number of miles for each day.
    • Based on the current mileage rate, the amount will automatically calculate. If you are submitting a request for a prior year (i.e. previous mileage rate), you can alter the rate in the rate box.

4. Lodging Page:

    • Reminders on this page – please break out lodging by day, do not lump all charges on 1 line.
    • Do not claim any lodging for personal days.
    • Enter the dates for all the days that you will be claiming lodging.
    • Select an account code from the drop down menu.
    • Enter only the amount of the room charges plus the room taxes in each amount box.
    • Any other miscellaneous lodging fees should be listed on the miscellaneous page (internet, parking, etc.)

5. Miscellaneous Expenses Page:

    • The top section of this page should be used specifically to claim registration and submission fees. If a traveler has only registration fees to be reimbursed (i.e. no other travel expenses), please submit the registration fees on a Request for Disbursement form.
      • Membership dues to a professional organization should not be submitted on a travel voucher even if they were paid at the time the conference registration was paid.
      • Membership dues are reimbursed using a Request for Disbursement form.
    • The bottom portion of this page is used to claim all other miscellaneous travel expenses (tips, taxis, internet, parking, checked baggage fees, gasoline for a rental car, etc.)
    • Enter the dates for all the days that you will be claiming miscellaneous expenses.
    • Select an account code from the drop down menu.
    • Enter an explanation/description for all miscellaneous expenses.
    • Enter the amounts.
    • Please review the reminders in red on the page.

6. Air & Rental Car Page:

    • Enter only amounts that the traveler paid for out-of-pocket – do not enter any amounts that were paid directly by the University (via Swabiz, Egencia, etc.).
    • Enter the dates, account codes and amounts.

7. After All Individual Pages are Completed:

    • Return to the Title Page and enter funding sources (speedtypes) for any lines that have amounts listed.
    • Click the “Verify Voucher” button at the top of the page. This will run all edit checks.  If there are errors, a pop-up box will appear and direct you to the appropriate page that has issues. Once errors have been corrected, click “Verify Voucher” again. Repeat this process until all errors have been resolved and the “Voucher Completed Successfully” message appears. The red “Unverified Voucher” ribbons on each side of the form will disappear at this point.
    • Print the form, attach all backup documentation and obtain all required signatures – traveler, their supervisor, authorized person on the funding source.


  1. Do NOT submit a voucher for reimbursement that has not been verified.  If a voucher is received in the Controller’s Office containing the “Unverified Voucher” ribbons on either side, it will be returned to the department to be completed.
  2. As with the previous voucher, you can still process “Pay Only” vouchers by altering the “To Be Reimbursed” column. Likewise, you can process split funding vouchers with multiple funding sources used on the voucher.  You can do this by adding another line in the “Speedtype” column.
  3. If funding sources from external departments will be used on a voucher, make sure you obtain the speedtype(s) from that department prior to completing the voucher.  For instance, for GSC or student government funding on student travel, please enter all funding sources (internal and external) so that the voucher can be completed in its entirety and verified. The printed document should then be forwarded to those external areas for their review and approval.
  4. Dates of individual expenses will be checked against the dates of the trip that were entered on the title page.  If any expense dates fall outside the header page dates, you will receive an error message.  Do not claim any expenses on the travel voucher that did not occur during the trip.  The only exceptions to this are airline tickets and registration fees. Those expenses can have a date prior to the trip dates because they would have occurred prior to the actual trip.

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