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Company ID:  99199063


How do I make a reservation on SWABIZ?

Each reservation made through SWABIZ will be tracked allowing for all transactions to be compiled into a series of reports.

How do I enroll in Rapid Rewards?

    • Access the SWABIZ website.
    • Select Rapid Rewards on the blue bar across the top of the page.
    • Select “Enroll Now” and follow the directions (no costs!).
    • Our company ID number is 99199063.
    • Qualify for “A List” status with the purchase of 16 roundtrips in a year.
      • Once you are on the “A List” you will be checked in automatically before the 24 hour window.

How do I associate my Rapid Rewards account with my company (ie: Traveler Account)?

    • Access the SWABIZ website.
    • Select 'Login' in the upper right corner.
    • Enter your Company ID (99199063), Rapid Rewards number and online password.
    • Allow up to 24 hours for your account access to be approved by your company.

Travel Managers

What if I want to make a change to my reservation?

You can change your reservation online:

    • Access the SWABIZ website.
    • Select ‘Travel Center’
    • Select ‘Change Reservation’
    • Enter the confirmation number and credit card holder’s name.
    • Select ‘Retrieve Flight Reservation’
    • Change reservation as necessary (Remember, Southwest Airlines has no change fees!).

Or, you can call Southwest Airlines at (800) I-FLY-SWA

How do I use Online Check-in to print my boarding pass?

    • Access the SWABIZ website.
    • Select ‘Check In Online/Print Boarding Pass’
    • Enter your confirmation number and first and last name.
    • Print your boarding pass.

How do I use my Web-enabled Mobile Devices to print my boarding pass?

    • Access the Southwest Mobile website.
    • Select ‘Flight Check In’
    • Enter your confirmation number and the first and last name of one of the Passengers listed in the reservation
    • Once you have checked in for your flight via your mobile device, simply proceed to the airport and go to the nearest E-Ticket Check-In kiosk to print your boarding pass. The system will recognize that you already have checked in for your flight, so you will need to request a reprint of your boarding pass. The boarding pass will reflect the boarding group that was indicated on the Check-in Confirmation screen on your mobile device.

Please note:

    • Check in is allowed 24 hours before departure, up to one hour prior to departure.
    • You must have a ticketless reservation.
    • Your connecting boarding pass will automatically print when you use Online Check-in (as long as it is for scheduled service).

If I do not use a ticket, how will the credit come back to me?

    • If the fare was a “Business Select” or “Anytime” fare, it will be credited back to the original form of payment (i.e. credit card).
    • If it was a “Wanna Get Away” fare, you will have a credit for future travel – please see below under “Unused Funds”.

How do I apply unused funds to a new reservation?

    • Follow the steps to make a reservation.
    • When you get to the page entitled ‘Southwest Airlines Payment and Passenger Information,’ select ‘View and Apply’ under the ‘Apply Ticketless Travel Funds’ heading.
    • Enter the confirmation numbers and the corresponding credit card holder’s name (or company name) to apply the funds from previous reservations to the new reservation.
    • To view Ticket Type codes click on the ‘Help’ Tab. Then click on ‘Generating Reports for Your Company’

How do I research unused funds?

    • Access the SWABIZ site.
    • Select ‘Travel Center’ at the top of the web site.
    • Under the ‘Air’ section, click on ‘View and Apply Ticketless Travel Funds’
    • Enter in any confirmation numbers and the corresponding credit card holder’s name for each reservation that you think might have unused funds.
    • Note any confirmation numbers that still have remaining funds available.

What do I enter in the Internal Reference Number (Speedtype) field?

    • If you are charging your ticket to the University central billing card, you must select the correct speedtype from the Internal Reference Number (IRN) field when checking out.  Please do not use the “Input Alternate IRN²” field.  If you do not know your speedtype, please see your Unit Business Manager.  Please do not proceed with booking a reservation until you have this information.  Because Southwest can only accommodate one IRN field, the account code will default to “535210-Out of State Airfare”.  If you have travel that does not fall within the category (i.e. student travel, non-employee travel, etc.), you would need to process an IUT to move the charges to the correct account code.
    • If you are charging your ticket to a personal credit card, you do not need to enter a speedtype in the IRN field.


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Reservations 1-800-435-9792

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Mary Alexander-Conte 852-6273

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