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Frequently Asked Questions

by ltfehl01 last modified Mar 19, 2014 01:09 PM

Q: Who should you contact with questions about the issuance of checks?

A: The Controller’s Office, 852-8237.


Q: When do we have to obtain W-9 forms and Vendor Surveys from vendors?

A: All new vendors are required to complete a W-9 form and vendor survey. The only exception is refunds or reimbursements for employees and individuals. For more details please review the New Vendor Requirements Policy.


Q: Why is my vendor not approved?

A: For companies, the W-9 and new vendor survey need to be submitted to the Controller’s Office before approval. For individuals, the vendor will be approved once the appropriate request for payment paperwork is sent to our office.


Q: How long should it take to receive a check once the request is submitted?

A: In most cases, you should allow a minimum of 7-10 business days. We do not issue same day checks. The University’s standard payment term for trade suppliers is Net 30. You can find payment status by logging into the PeopleSoft Financials system and selecting: Accounts Payable>Review Accounts Payable Information>Vouchers>Voucher>and then entering the vendor number or voucher number. The payment schedule is: Checks - Monday and Wednesday, ACH - Tuesday and Thursday, Active Pay Credit Card payments - Wednesday.


Q: Do you make payments from statements?

A: Ordinarily, we only make payment from invoices. This is so that we have a detailed listing of all goods or services that were paid. The exception to this rule is for companies that only send statements like utility companies, telephone companies, etc.


Q: How can I tell what my payment is for?

A: Please reference the invoice number on the remittance advice provided with your payment. Some common invoice prefixes are: “rfd” for refund, “serv” for service provided to the University, etc. Reimbursements for travel will have an invoice number that begins with the 2-letter state abbreviation (i.e. “FLXXXX” for Florida).


Q: I have a stale-dated check. What can I do to get it reissued?

A: Please contact the Controller’s Office, 502-852-8237.


Q: When do I need a Certificate of Missing Document form?

A: You need to use a Certificate of Missing Document form anytime you do not have an original invoice. We cannot pay from a copy or fax less than 60 days old without it.


Q: How do credit invoices work?

A: The original invoice had to have been paid (or has to be set up for payment) before the credit can be taken. If the invoice was paid against a purchase order, the credit will go back to the speedtype, not the purchase order.


Q: What if I search for a vendor and it is inactive?

A: Go to the “Identifying Information” Panel and on the “Vendor Name 2” line, the correct, active number will be listed.


Q: What is the current mileage rate?

A: View current mileage rates.


Q: How and where do I apply for a profile with our University travel agency?

A: Apply for a Pan Am profile using your official user name and your 10-digit PeopleSoft department ID#.


Q: How do I obtain the University's Tax ID number?

A: Information concerning the University's tax exempt status is available on the Controller's website.

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