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Frequently Asked Questions

by Fehler,Lori T. last modified Dec 17, 2013 01:40 PM

Budget Development Process


Can you have multiple general fund sources funding one position? No, one general fund source per position.

Can you have multiple non-general funds funding one position? You can have multiple non-general fund sources within your organization.  You cannot use non-general funds from other organizations, an additional PCN is required.

Can you use different funding sources between salaries and fringe benefits?  No, use the same funding source for salaries and fringe benefits, unless a fringe restriction applies.

Can one department house multiple programs?  Yes, you can house as many programs as you choose under one department.

Can you house one program under multiple departments?  No, one program has one department number.

Is a unit responsible for covering fringe benefits on a new positions or salary increases they’re funding?  Yes, the unit must identify funding for a new position or salary increase to an existing position.  For example, a unit must provide $28,500 for fringe benefits on a new position with a salary amount of $100,000.  The $28,500 represents the 28.5% fringe estimate on a regular position.  Also, a position that has been reclassed with a salary increase of $10,000 must have $2,850 funding to cover fringe benefits.  If you fund a salary adjustment from S&E you must include the fringe estimate in your total change.  Please keep in mind lump positions fringe benefits are only 7.65% not 28.5%, grad student 17%.  The fringe increase must be fully funded.

Do these rules (1-6) also apply in payroll and position management?  Yes, budget rules also apply in payroll and position management.

When are departmental/organizational changes submitted?  Departmental and organizational changes are submitted to your budget analyst in February.  Mid-year departmental/organizational changes are not permitted without special approval.

When can you request a new department?  You can request a new department to your organization at any time.

When can you request a new program?  You can request a new program at anytime.

When are clinic budgets due?  Due date should be released in late January/early February.  There will be an initial due date but time will be given for adjustments based on salary increase guidelines release.

Is there a Base Budget Reconciliation manual?  There is a Base Budget Reconciliation manual on the Budget and Financial Planning Website. 

Can we submit salary changes after Phase I?  Your policy and budget analyst will need approximately one-week to confirm Phase I.  No salary adjustments will be processed during that time period.

What happens after Phase I, before Salary Increases?  You can complete any additional cleanup, submit salary adjustments and request departmental/organizational changes.

Do you process a Budget Revision Request (BRR) and Budget Change Order (BCO) during budget development?  Beginning January of each fiscal year, any BRR must be accompanied with a BCO to update the budget system.

Where is the BCO located?  The BCO is on the Budget and Financial Planning website
Can we use the old BCO?  No, the BCO was revised to reflect needed information to update the new budget system.

 What is the approval and processing time for a BCO?  BCOs, adjusting pools within your organization (balanced entries) will be processed quickly (1-2 days).  BCO’s submitted with a BRR will not be approved until the BRR is approved or unless additional actions are required before processing the BCO.

When is the program budget worksheet approved?  Program budgets are usually approved before salary increases.  When can you change the salaries based on the approved worksheet?  Reclasses and in-range adjustments can be processed after the program budget is approved.  Salary increases are not permitted until the salary guidelines are approved.

How do you budget one-time funds?  You can budget a salary paid on one-time funds in the budget system offsetting the expense using the 513XXX series credit.  This adjustment will budget the position without overstating your budget.  Please contact your policy and budget analyst for details.

Can you use the one-time credit in payroll or position management?  No. The 513XXX is used only in the budget system.

What are the credit account codes for one-time funds?  Same as the 511xxx accounts, except that they will start with 513 instead.  For example, the one-time credit code corresponding with 511200 (Faculty) is 513200.

How are lump sum positions budgeted (5 series)?  The budget for lump sum positions are housed in a 5 series PCN in the budget system.  The existing 0 and 9 series PCN are the paying positions in payroll and position management.  The 5 series PCN is for budget only and the 0 and 9 series PCN pays the employee.

What is a reallocation lump sum used for?  Vacant positions with insufficient funds to hire should not be in the budget.  Use the reallocation lump sum position to budget these funds until full funding is acquired.  Then, transfer the funds from the reallocation position to the appropriate PCN.

How often are budget reports updated?  Reports are updated overnight and reflected in University reports the following morning.  Weekends are Friday night/Saturday only.  Saturday night activity shows up on Monday mornings.

What is budget validation?  Confirming available funds to pay salary expenses. 
When does it go into effect?  TBA

On-line PAR


When do you use a paper vs. on-line PAR?  You submit a paper PAR for split positions only.

What is C.A.R.?  Continuing Annual Requirement (general funds only).

Is planned year budget amount and C.A.R. the same?  The general fund planned year amount should include any approved C.A.R.

Can you inactivate a position with an incumbent?  No.  This action will not be approved until the position is vacant.

Does updating CY in the online PAR system automatically update Payroll?  No, not currently.

Are there any position management manuals?  There are On-line PAR and Funding Source presentations on the Position Management Website.  Select On-line PAR Training Presentation or On-line Funding Source Training Presentation.


For specific details on any question, please contact your policy and budget analyst.


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